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Laal Rang 2

Randeep Hooda meets ‘Laal Rang 2’ director to discuss story, characters

Laal Rang 2

Laal Rang 2

Actor Randeep Hooda recently met with his director Syed Ahmad Afzal to talk about the plot and characters in the upcoming film “Laal Rang 2,” in which he will reprise the role of his beloved character Shankar.
On Thursday, the director took to social media to wish Randeep a speedy recovery and share a photo from their meeting. The actor and director team pose for the camera under warm amber lighting. In addition, they wore T-shirts featuring the (Devanagari-written) dialogue from the successful prequel.
In the caption, the director stated, “District of Rohtak, Shankar Singh Malik. That fiery hue stays with me; a jaat always plays his cards strategically.”
In the caption, the director elaborated, “Seeing Chaudhry sahab @randeephooda take the helm as director and producer of a full-length film is, in my opinion, a dream come true for any aspiring filmmaker. There is a palpable sense of longing in each and every one of the readings, narrators, ideas, and jokes. We’ve been working towards this goal for the past seven years.”
“The days spent planning the first film are flooding back into your mind. The mere anticipation of returning to the sets with our original cast and crew for the sequel is exciting. I hope your knee heals completely and quickly, Chaudhry Sahab “Additionally, he mentioned.
The 2016 film ‘Laal Rang,’ which explored the black market for blood banks in Haryana, served to illuminate some of the more unsavoury aspects of Indian culture.
To put together “Laal Rang 2: Khoon Chusva,” Randeep Hooda Films, Avak Films, and Jelly Bean Entertainment worked together. Anwar Ali and Sonu Kuntal are the show’s co-producers.

Laal Rang 2
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