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Marvel’s Avengers

Today marks the release of Marvel’s Avengers’ latest and final content upgrade

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers

It’s a shame that this game didn’t last for ten years. With the Star Wars brand behind it, this games-as-a-service game had the potential to be a massive success. I saw Square Enix’s heroic efforts to drum up interest in Avengers Academy at their exhibit at E3. Despite this, players didn’t respond well to Marvel’s Avengers for a variety of factors. Hence, the final content upgrade for the game is being released today, a little over 2.5 years after its initial release.

Update 2.8 is the final major content patch for Marvel’s Avengers before official support stops later this year, as was stated in January. The patch enables the store, giving players access to virtually all available Hero Card customization options, including outfits, nameplates, takedowns, and more influenced by the MCU and other franchises. Earned in-game or bought from the Cosmetic Vendor garb will still require both of these steps. The Iron Man Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, which transforms Tony Stark into a devastating War Machine, will be given to all players who have earned at least one trophy or accomplishment by April 1. All users will get this new Black Panther skin, the developers have said.
After installing the latest patch, any unused credit balance will be automatically changed to playable items. A permanent 1.5x multiplier on Fragments and XP has been added to Marvel’s Avengers in lieu of Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors.

The formal patch notes cover a wide variety of smaller changes, but those covered above are the most significant ones. Check out that link if you’re a fan of the game; Sandra Saad, who voices Ms. Marvel, has written a touching note of gratitude.

If you’re interested in giving Marvel’s Avengers a try now that the microtransactions have been deleted, you can do so via Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus Extra. Please be aware that on September 30, 2023, Marvel’s Avengers will no longer receive formal support. After that time, the game will still be accessible, but no further patches or upgrades will be made.

Marvel’s Avengers
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