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Miniclip here.

Miniclip here.

  1. What we are doing

A digital entertainment and gaming corporation with an international presence.

A market leader in multiplayer games, its mission statement is to “unleash the gamer in everyone,” and they have achieved more than 7 billion downloads to this point.Powered by some truly incredible people.

We are involved in the creation, publication, and distribution of multiplayer mobile games. Every month, we interact with approximately 400 million players, and the size of this audience is only expanding.

Thanks to our expertise, enthusiasm, and the incredible individuals who comprise our company, we have achieved significant global distribution and established a renowned name in the digital gaming industry. This unique position allows us to possess an unparalleled understanding of the gaming landscape worldwide.

employees value honesty and fair dealings as highly as the company values success.

They treat their players, partners, and coworkers with openness, fairness, and respect.

This dedication helps establish Miniclip as a reliable and conscientious gaming provider, earning the trust and loyalty of its many constituents.

Additionally, Miniclip is committed to being, a good corporate citizen by supporting, local charities.

They make a significant, contribution to society through their, philanthropic endeavors. Miniclip’s mission is to use the popularity of, its games to promote positive, change and aid in the development of communities, all around the world.

2. Our History

Miniclip has been around since 2001, and in that time it has amassed a sizable global, readership from over 195 nations, spread across all six continents.

Over the course of its existence, Miniclip has expanded, to become a globally recognized, and respected gaming hub.


It has come a long, way from its early days of providing low-quality games to its current prominence as, a premier destination for gamers of all ages. Miniclip’s extensive, selection of game types ensures that players, of all tastes, will find something, to their liking on the site.


They have established a name, for itself as a go-to destination, for fresh and exciting gameplay.

The popularity of Miniclip’s games, which have been downloaded millions of times and received dozens of awards, has earned Miniclip a respected name in the gaming business.


which has allowed it to consistently, provide its global audience, with new and engaging content.

Because of their dedication to innovation, they have been able to, keep up, with the ever-changing video game industry.


the global appeal is a result of its, user-friendly platform and cross-platform accessibility, which allow gamers from, all walks of life and all corners, of the globe to easily interact, with one another and share their love of gaming.

This global reach has helped Miniclip thrive, attracting and retaining a dedicated following, of gamers all around the world.


He has a long and illustrious, history that attests to his commitment, to bringing high-quality gaming, experiences to players all, around the world.

To assist us in accomplishing, our mission of “unleashing the gamer in everyone,” we have expanded our business by hiring talented individuals, collaborating with studios located all over the world, and purchasing other companies.


3.  Our Values

Miniclip is a globally, recognized gaming brand with the goal of inspiring everyone to discover, their inner gamer and, build meaningful relationships, with others through their fun and social games.

The company’s founders had a dream of building a worldwide network of gamers who would bond, through their shared love of high-quality virtual environments.

 dedication to basic values, that guide the company’s operations is a major contributor to its success.

These values guide Miniclippers’ day-to-day actions, creating a dynamic and original workplace.

. Miniclip staff fully buy into these values and incorporate them into all aspects of their work and personal lives.

is built on a foundation of teamwork.

The staff works closely together, pooling their knowledge, skills, and tools to develop new and exciting video games. Miniclippers’ culture of cooperation doesn’t stop at the office;

they work together with publishers and developers all around the world to provide the finest possible gaming experiences for their large audience of users.

In conclusion, Miniclip has fostered a culture that values teamwork, honesty, and civic engagement among its staff.

By adhering to these values, they are able to make a beneficial impact in the communities they serve while also providing players with outstanding gaming experiences.

Miniclip here.
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