Mixed martial arts
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Mixed martial arts

Soundarya is doing mixed martial arts (MMA) “for something special overseas.”

Mixed martial arts

Mixed martial arts

Soundarya Sharma, who debuted in “Ranchi Diaries” and appeared in “Bigg Boss 16,” is really excited about her future MMA training for a Hollywood film.
Soundarya has remarked that it is too early to talk about a specific project, but that she is putting in her absolute best effort in every way possible. The MMA practise is a component of that.
I’m preparing for a really important foreign MMA competition. I’m overjoyed about the prospect. I am enjoying the challenge of the task immensely. More information and an announcement are forthcoming.
The actress who has appeared in cameos in “Thank God” and “Raktanchal 2” and “Country Mafia” and “Karam Yudh” said that she is eagerly anticipating future projects and hopes to gain more significant roles in Bollywood.
Two major Bollywood projects have been signed with me, and the news will be released next week. God is merciful. She continued, “As of right now, I am unable to disclose information; instead, I shall await their arrival directly from the producers, and then talk when the time is opportune.

Mixed martial arts
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