Mohammad Rizwan, a Harvard student, presents his professor.

Mohammad Rizwan, a Harvard student, presents his professor with a Quran.

Pakistani cricketer

Mohammad Rizwan, a Pakistani cricketer, recently gained headlines for a kind act that he performed while he was a student at the prestigious Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. Rizwan gave his professor at the university a copy of the Holy Quran when he was participating in an executive education programme on the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Sports (BEMS).Rizwan, who is presently the wicketkeeper-batter for the Pakistan cricket team, joined the programme alongside Babar Azam, who is also a member of the Pakistan cricket squad and serves as the captain of Pakistan.

Instructor a copy of the Holy Quran

The fact that the two individuals are participating in the programme is evidence of their desire to increase both the breadth and depth of their knowledge regarding the commercial aspects of the sports, entertainment, and media industries.A photograph that was taken at the very moment Rizwan gave his instructor a copy of the Holy Quran in the English translation was swiftly shared across various social media platforms, eliciting great admiration and gratitude from internet users. The act demonstrated not just Rizwan’s thanks and respect for his instructor, but also the culturally significant qualities of modesty and reverence that are strongly ingrained in his society.

Presenting a religious book

In Islamic tradition, the act of presenting a religious book to an audience carries with it a wealth of meaning. It is widely held within the Islamic faith that the Quran is the most sacred book, and that it contains the verbatim words of God as they were conveyed to the Prophet Muhammad. Giving someone a copy of the Quran as a present is considered as a sign of respect, thanks, and the wish for blessings to be bestowed upon the recipient. Rizwan was able to express his profound gratitude to the Harvard professor who taught him by presenting the latter with a copy of the Holy Quran as a present. During his stay at the illustrious university, Rizwan benefited from both the instruction and the education of the professor.

Varied histories

Additionally, Rizwan’s action puts light on the varied histories and life experiences of people who pursue education and professional growth in a variety of disciplines. It highlights the convergence of sports and academia, proving that players like Rizwan and Babar Azam are not only dedicated to their athletic careers but also actively seek chances for personal growth and intellectual enrichment. This is demonstrated by the fact that Rizwan and Babar Azam are both recipients of the Azam Scholar Award.

selfless deed demonstrates

The amount of attention that has been brought to this selfless deed demonstrates the power that even the smallest of acts may have in promoting mutual tolerance, comprehension, and the sharing of cultural traditions. The gift that Rizwan gave to his instructor not only served as a token of his gratitude for the latter’s instruction, but it also acted as a bridge across many cultures and belief systems, stimulating conversation and mutual respect.In addition, the fact that Rizwan participated in the programme at Harvard Business School highlights the growing acknowledgement of the role of business acumen in the world of sports, entertainment, and the media.


The programme provides learners with essential insights and abilities to traverse the complicated environment of both industries. It also provides participants with a full understanding of the relationship between corporate strategy and the ever-evolving dynamics of entertainment and sports.The act that Mohammad Rizwan performed at Harvard Business School, which consisted of presenting a copy of the Holy Quran to one of his professors as a gift, exemplifies his character, humility, and appreciation for knowledge.

Professional interests

It serves as a reminder that individuals, regardless of the professional interests they pursue, can promote unity and understanding via simple acts of courtesy and respect for one another. Rizwan’s involvement in the programme draws attention to the growing realisation of the need for business skills in the world of sports and entertainment. Athletes and professionals in these disciplines want to improve their grasp of the industry as a whole, in addition to their own specific fields.

Mohammad Rizwan, a Harvard student, presents his professor.
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