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Mrs World 2022 Sargam Koushal not averse to joining Bollywood

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Sargam Koushal, who was born in Jammu and brought India the title of Mrs. World in December, says she is open to a career in Bollywood but is more interested in using her platform to warn young people about the dangers of drugs. Model Aditi Govitrikar of India won the title in 2001, but at age 32, the Mumbai-based model made history by becoming the first Indian to ever do so.
“I’d be thrilled to get a shot at stardom in Bollywood. I have no objection to that, but I must attend to more urgent matters at the moment “Here, Koushal told the press.
She went on to say, “We are planning a campaign in May or June to motivate the youth to stay away from drugs.”
Koushal, on her first trip back to her birthplace since winning the Las Vegas beauty pageant on December 17 of last year, said she is committed to raising awareness and empowering women and young girls.
Although she did not notice any differences between her roles as Mrs. India and Mrs. World, she did note that her sense of responsibility had increased significantly.
Koushal expressed gratitude to her parents and expressed a hope that other parents, husbands, and others would encourage women to pursue their goals.
“I am currently modelling, and hope to keep doing so. Although I enjoy teaching the most, I recently began a career in modelling. My parents were enthusiastic supporters of my ambitions in the modelling industry because they shared my enthusiasm “The words came from her mouth.
According to her, everything changed when her husband, an officer in the Indian Navy, was transferred to Mumbai.
“There, I witnessed kids taking part in pursuits that are beyond our wildest imaginations. They start working in the entertainment industry as teenagers (acting, modelling, and styling) and it inspired me to follow in their footsteps (albeit slowly).”
The young people of Jammu and Kashmir, the actor said, are talented and well-educated but aren’t given enough of a chance to show what they can do.
In addition, she reminded married women to take care of themselves in addition to their families.
“It’s sad that after marriage, many women lose sight of who they are and become overwhelmed by the demands of their families. They must express themselves openly and chase after their goals “…she remarked.

Mrs World
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