MS Dhoni informs his followers of his retirement plans.

MS Dhoni informs his followers of his retirement plans.


MS Dhoni tells fans about retirement plans Dhoni stated that “circumstantially” retiring from cricket at this time was a wise decision; yet, he wished to give one more present to his supporters.After leading the Chennai Super Kings to their fifth victory in the Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, former Indian captain and current CSK captain MS Dhoni gave his fans an update on his plans for the future regarding his likely retirement.


After the game, Dhoni was asked about his plans for retirement, and he responded by saying that “circumstantially” quitting right now would be a wonderful choice.However, he explained that he had made the decision to do the “hard thing” and had decided that for the next nine months, he would train and try to participate in the next season as a “gift” to his fans as a way of thanking them for their affection and love. He will try to play in the next season.


Dhoni made the following statement, much to the delight of his devoted followers: “Circumstantially speaking, this is the best time for me to announce my retirement, but the amount of love and affection that I have been shown, wherever I have been this year… “I believe that the easiest thing for me to say would be ‘Thank you very much.’ However, the difficult thing for me would be to work hard for nine months and come back and play at least one more season of IPL.”On the other hand, he emphasised that “a lot depends on the body.”


“The decision-making process could take up to seven months. I will be more along the lines of a present from my end. It is not simple for me, but the manner that they have demonstrated their love and affection is something that I need to do,” he said. “It is something that I need to do.”He went on to describe how he was overcome with emotion throughout the season when he realised how much the people adored him.


“I needed to take some time off in the dugout since the water in my eyes was making it difficult to see. It dawned on me that I ought to take pleasure in this. I believe that they like me for who I am; they like the fact that I am so grounded and that I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not. Just keep it basic. “Every trophy is special, but what’s special about IPL is every crunch game you need to be ready [for],” the Indian cricket sensation revealed his thoughts on the matter.


Dhoni has been a fan-favorite throughout the recently-concluded tournament, and to do justice to his fans’ support, the CSK Skipper finished the season by leading his side to a record-leveling fifth trophy. Neither the Gujarat Titans nor the bad weather could stop CSK from drawing level with Mumbai Indians — their arch-rivals — in terms of the most IPL trophy wins.Given that the whole Indian Premier League and even the tournament’s conclusion consisted of nothing but Dhoni-mania, it would be interesting to observe whether or not Dhoni will truly return to IPL in order to head CSK in the following season.


MS Dhoni informs his followers of his retirement plans.
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