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‘Multi-tasker’ Kajol knits while getting her make-up done



In preparation for the set of her upcoming web series “The Good Wife,” Bollywood actress Kajol (Multi-tasker)  shared a video of herself knitting while getting her makeup done.
Kajol posted a video to Instagram of her getting ready, during which she demonstrates how she uses the time to work on her knitting skills
She defined it as “multi-tasking” for us.
Kajol posted a video of herself online and captioned it: “Everything from hair and makeup to humour and a passion project
To the max of multitasking!”
The Good Wife, starring Julianna Margulies in the title role, is being adapted for an Indian audience.
The OTT will host the broadcast of the show. Kajol’s character is a housewife who, after her husband’s scandalous arrest, decides to return to her former profession.

Once in a while, Kajol will show off some of the shirts, dresses, and sweaters she’s been working on.

Salaam Venky is the most recent film starring Kajol, in which she portrays a single mother whose son is terminally ill. Southern actor Revathy directed the film that made its debut on December 9 of last year.

She will now be seen in the hit new web series, The Good Wife. It’s a reimagining of the American courtroom drama of the same name, originally starring Julianna Margulies, and set in India. 2016 marked the conclusion of the show’s seven-year run. Kajol’s character in the film is a housewife who, after her husband’s arrest for a scandal, decides to return to practising law. Supan Verma helmed this series, which will be available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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