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Naseeruddin Shah said, “I don’t intend “The Kerala Story.”

Naseeruddin Shah said, “I don’t intend to see because…” about “The Kerala Story.”


“So many of Germany’s most accomplished filmmakers fled the country, moved to Hollywood, and started making films there. It looks like the same issue is occurring here as well. Maintain your position on the side of justice, remain impartial, or support the current order.”Shah made the following remark while asserting that he had optimism that things would change for the better: “But on the flip side, I have hope that this atmosphere of hate gets fatiguing.” How much longer are you going to continue to propagate hatred?

Naseeruddin Shah

The same manner that it unexpectedly encompassed all of us, I believe–and I hope–that it will also quickly disappear. However, it won’t be anytime soon.A well-known actor in India named Naseeruddin Shah recently gave his opinion on the movie “The Kerala Story” and claimed that he has no plans to watch it anytime soon. During an interview with India Today, Shah discussed the success of the film as well as the bigger trend that the film exemplifies.Shah cited several great films such as “Bheed,” “Afwaah,” and “Faraaz” that were unsuccessful in finding an audience. On the other hand, he noticed that a lot of people are going to see “The Kerala Story,”


which is a movie that he has not seen and does not intend to watch because he has already read enough about it.The actor made a link between the film and Nazi Germany when he said that the picture was part of a dangerous trend. He added that during the time of Hitler, filmmakers in Germany were either coerced or sought to be coerced by the supreme leader into making films supporting him and degrading the Jewish population. He said that this occurred during the time of Hitler. As a direct consequence of this, many of the world’s most accomplished filmmakers fled Germany and sought safety in Hollywood, where they continued their work.

pattern in India

Shah has expressed his concern over what appears to be the emergence of a similar pattern in India, where it is required of filmmakers to either identify themselves with the system or maintain their neutrality. His position was that this was a troubling trend that curtailed artistic freedom and reduced the opportunity for a variety of points of view.Shah did, however, express the hope that this environment of hatred and coercion would eventually grow tiresome. He posed the question of how much longer hatred might continue to flourish and emphasised his conviction that the current atmosphere will change in the not too distant future.

pervasive feeling

Even though he was aware that things might not alter very soon, he never lost hope that the pervasive feeling of hatred might one day be eradicated.Naseeruddin Shah, in the course of sharing his opinions, brought attention to the significance of artistic freedom and the requirement to fight against the demands of conforming to a specific storyline. His comments highlight the difficulty that artists confront while navigating the shifting political and social scene, which can sometimes be co-opted for political goals, which can make it difficult for artists to express themselves freely.


Naseeruddin Shah said, “I don’t intend “The Kerala Story.”
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