Naver to sell ChatGPT-like AI services to Saudi, other

Naver to sell ChatGPT-like AI services to Saudi, other governments.

1.South Korea,

Naver, a company based in South Korea, plans to provide AI services to the Saudi government and possibly other governments as well.
The main internet company in South Korea plans to produce specialised versions of its most recent AI models that are similar to ChatGPT for countries that are unwilling to adopt US AI systems.Internet search engine aver, based in South Korea, plans to make its most recent artificial intelligence model, which is quite similar to ChatGPT, available to foreign governments that have expressed worry regarding data regulations in the United States.

2.Financial Times

According to a report by the Financial Times, Naver is ready to establish regional AI applications for the politically sensitive nations of the Arab world as well as for non-English speaking nations like Spain and Mexico, where governments are eager to have their own AI systems adapted to their political and cultural contexts. Naver’s goal is to provide these nations with AI that is tailored to their political and cultural contexts.According to Sung Nako, a Naver executive who is in charge of creating hyperscale AI, “This will be a massive business as sovereign AI technology is becoming increasingly important for data protection.”

3.AI systems

In order to train and run AI systems, hyperscale AI is inextricably related to the massive organisation of computer power and data stored in the cloud.Naver recently struck a preliminary agreement with Saudi Arabia in which it pledged to supply information technology services including artificial intelligence capabilities. This was done as a progressive move towards assisting the kingdom shift to a digital economy.”It is becoming like a new cold war as the US government now has the authority to look into data and information stored in the cloud systems of American companies,”

4.employ US-based 

Nako said, highlighting the reluctance of other countries to employ US-based cloud and AI systems owing to security concerns. “It is becoming like a new cold war as the US government now has the authority to look into data and information stored in American companies’ cloud systems,”In addition, Nako discussed the progress that the company has made in developing AI by adding, “We are about eight months behind OpenAI’s ChatGPT in terms of technology, but we are much better than ChatGPT in terms of Korean services.”He went on to say, “We are clearly focusing on Korea and Japan for now, but we are also eyeing more overseas markets as localisation will be the key in the AI race.”

5. few countries

One of the few countries in which Google’s search engine has not managed to establish a dominant position is South Korea.The talking and services app developed by LINE, which is owned by a Korean internet corporation, is one of the company’s profitable commercial divisions. Additionally, it manages entertainment platforms for fandoms related to webtoons and K-pop.It has been the driving force behind South Korea’s efforts to develop an ecosystem for.artificial intelligence, beginning with the use of the HyperClova AI model for a variety of services as of the previous year.

6.semiconductor industry

This model was developed in 2021.Because of Korea’s leading position in the semiconductor industry and its highly developed IT infrastructure, the Korean government is eager to push technology as the nation’s next development engine.In the past, Naver has already worked together with Samsung Electronics to develop semiconductors that are appropriate for artificial intelligence.


Naver to sell ChatGPT-like AI services to Saudi, other
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