Netizens criticising Deepika Padukone's Oscar
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Netizens criticising Deepika Padukone’s Oscar

Netizens criticising Deepika Padukone’s Oscar outfit need lessons in diversity and inclusion

Netizens criticising Deepika Padukone's Oscar

Netizens criticising Deepika Padukone’s Oscar

Deepika Padukone’s presence at the 95th Academy Awards brought honour to India. The actress wore a show-stopping black gown with velvet gloves to impress. Her hair was done up in a bun, and she had on false eyelashes that looked like cat ears. Deepika wore a diamond ring and bracelet in addition to her already stunning Cartier necklace featuring a pear-shaped yellow diamond.
Some online users may choose to spread hateful comments about the actress rather than positive ones. ETimes strongly rejects such criticism, especially when it is levelled at a person who has accomplished so much.
Check out some of the jibes thrown at Deepika Padukone and our responses to them:
“Why it’s like Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance in 2019”
Deepika was serving style while you were searching for hate, so it’s not her fault if you were reminded of another iconic look by her Oscar moment. To state the obvious, there wasn’t much resemblance between Deepika and Lady Gaga’s appearances; colours don’t indicate similarity; and your insistence on drawing comparisons between the two only reveals your narrow perspective. If you want to avoid making a fool of yourself in the future, you should probably take a crash course in fashion first.
A gorgeous saree was available but you didn’t want to wear it. It’s great to have you all here to represent India. Who better to spread the word about our traditional skills?
You have a right to your opinion, but insulting an actress with words is just rude. Deepika did what she thought was best, and we should support her in her triumph rather than slam her with criticism.
“What’s up, y’all white folks?”
People who think like you will never get over their racism. The lowest a troll can go is to make racist comments about a celebrity actress on a worldwide website. We advise you to reject such repressive ideas and instead to promote the advancement of women through affection. Your ignorance is the darkest shade of grey in an era of diversity and representation.

Netizens criticising Deepika Padukone’s Oscar
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