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New Release Date For Upcoming Punjabi Film “Gol Gappe”

New Release Date For Upcoming Punjabi Film “Gol Gappe” Announced by Binnu Dhillon and BN Sharma…i-film-gol-gappe/

  1. film’s release.

The news that yet another Punjabi film, Gol Gappe, has been given a new release date is sure to make fans of the Punjabi film genre quite happy. On February 17, 2022, the movie that features a large cast of famous actors and actresses will finally be released in theatres. On a poster for the movie, the filmmakers have revealed a new date for the film’s release. In earlier projections, the debut of this motion picture was expected to take place on August 26th, 2022. And it seems that the fans of the celebs are really ecstatic about the fact that the movie will soon be launched.

  1. Gol Gappe

Binnu Dhillon, BN Sharma, Rajat Bedi, Dilawar Sidhu, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, and Ihana Dhillon all play important parts in the movie Gol Gappe. The short provides strong evidence that the next Punjabi film Gol Gappe will focus mostly on comedic and entertaining situations. In addition, the poster is captivating and enticing when viewed for the first time. It shows Binnu Dhillon, BN Sharma, and Rajat Bedi putting their fingers to their lips in the illustration.

  1. Janvi Productions

The illustrious director Smeep Kang is behind the camera for the upcoming film Gol Gappe, which was just added to the film’s cast and crew list. Janvi Productions, Zed Studios, Triflix Entertainment LLP, and Soham Rockstar Entertainment are all responsible for the production and presentation of the movie. The date on which the trailer will be made available has not been announced just yet; however, given that the premiere of the movie is drawing ever closer, we anticipate that the producers will publish it very soon.But while you wait for the release of the trailer, you may listen to the second season of our Podcast. We at Punjabi Mania take the amusement of our readers very seriously, and we recommend that you listen to our podcast, which is called The Punjabi Cinema Show’s Season 2 in order to keep yourself entertained.

4.King of Comedy

The topic of discussion for this week’s episode is the Best 10 Punjabi Songs of 2022. The podcast can be accessed through popular streaming services such as Spotify, Gaana, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and a variety of other similar services. Have fun, and please share your thoughts on any of our social media platforms.A new Punjabi film titled “Gol Gappe” is now in production, and its release is anticipated to bring joy and humour to a wide audience. Janvi Telefilms, Triflix Entertainment LLP, and Soham Rockstar Entertainment are the companies that are providing financial backing for the movie.Binnu Dhillon, Rajat Bedi, Ihana Dhillon, Navneet Dhillon, and BN Sharma are all set to play significant roles in the next film. Smeep Kang, also known as the “King of Comedy,” is the director of the film “Gol Gappe,” and the film will be produced by ,


New Release Date For Upcoming Punjabi Film “Gol Gappe”
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