No mercy for PTI defections: Rana Sana

No mercy for PTI defections: Rana Sana

1. Minister of the Interior 

No general amnesty for people who are leaving the PTI: Minister of the Interior Rana Sana has stated that offenders from May 9 will be booked and tried according to the law without any form of discrimination. It has been made very plain by the Minister of the Interior, Rana Sanaullah, that leaving the PTI does not entail a blanket amnesty from criminal prosecutions for those party officials against whom there is actual proof of any involvement in the attacks on public, private, or military sites on May 9.

2. leaders of the PTI

In an interview with The News, the minister of the interior dispelled the widespread belief that the leaders of the PTI, who just declared their disassociation from the party and were released from police custody, will not be questioned, regardless of whether or not they played any part in the incidents that took place on May 9.He stated that anyone who participated in the planning, instigation, or attacks that took place on May 9 will be subject to legal processes in accordance with the law.

3.Maintenance of Public Order

According to what he claimed, several of the PTI leaders are currently being detained and re-arrested under relevant provisions of the MPO (Maintenance of Public Order) in an effort to keep the peace.Those who have been held because of the MPO are only eligible for release, he continued, if they break their ties with the PTI and are no longer a threat to the existing law and order situation. This is the policy.But that does not mean that they are forgiven if they were engaged in the planning, instigation, or attacks that took place on May 9, he added, adding that there is no such thing as a blanket pardon that anybody has access to.

4.Dr. Yasmin Rashid

Rana Sanaullah responded “No” when asked if Dr. Yasmin Rashid, against whom the authorities claim to have evidence of her involvement in the attacks on May 9, would be spared from criminal proceedings if she decided to proclaim her disassociation from the PTI. The authorities believe that she was involved in the attacks on May 9. He stated that the information he has indicates that she would be tried either under the Army Act or under the Anti-Terrorism Act. According to the minister of the interior, everything will rely on the evidence. He made it clear that if there is substantial evidence against someone, that person will not be spared under any circumstances.

5.Army Act

The findings of the inquiry and the data at hand have led to the formation of three distinct kinds of instances. Those who have violated the protected regions or attacked military sites will be prosecuted under the Army Act as well as the Official Secrets Act. Others who attacked public and private property will be prosecuted under both the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Private Property Crimes Act.According to Sana, nearly 400 cases related to the attacks on May 9 have been reported across the entirety of Pakistan.

6.Official Secrets Act.

Over three hundred cases have been filed in accordance with standard criminal law, approximately eighty cases have been filed in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Act, and a total of seven cases will be tried in accordance with the Army Act and the Official Secrets Act.When contacted at the same time, the military authorities also provided assurances that those accused of the May 9 attacks will be treated in accordance with the law and without any form of discrimination. Those who were involved in the attacks that took place on May 9 in any way will be subject to arrest, prosecution, and punishment, and this will be the case regardless of their social standing, connections, or class.



No mercy for PTI defections: Rana Sana
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