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Paan Dukaniya

‘Paan Dukaniya’ from ‘Bholaa’ will be a huge party anthem, in Raai Laxmi’s opinion

Paan Dukaniya

Paan Dukaniya

Raai Laxmi, who has appeared in films in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam as well as a handful in Kannada and Hindi, spoke about her experience filming the dance number “Paan Dukaniya” for Ajay Devgn’s upcoming film Bholaa.
The actress thinks the audience will go crazy over the song she recorded with Deepak Dobriyal.
‘Ole Ole’ from the movie ‘In Ghost House Inn,’ ‘Lucky Lucky Rai’ from ‘Balupu,’ and ‘Ratthaalu’ from ‘Khiladi No. 150,’ among others, have all featured Laxmi, and now she’s looking forward to her new tune in ‘Bholaa.
Laxmi dresses in a country style for the song, which features a high-energy dance routine known as a “desi dance number.” There is an action sequence occurring concurrently with the dancing number.
According to Laxmi, “Paan Dukaniya” is more than just a “sizzling desi dance number;” it also serves as a vital aspect of the film’s storyline, propelling the plot along.
Especially the signature step, which is guaranteed to be lapped up by the youth and dance enthusiasts, I had a blast performing the upbeat dance number. I have no doubt that it will become a popular dance tune,” Laxmi said.

Paan Dukaniya
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