Pakistan Condemns Al-Aqsa Mosque Storming

  1. Freedom of Religion Foundation

According to a statement released by the Freedom of Religion Foundation (FO), the march was “yet another reprehensible event” that breached the sanctity of one of the holiest locations in Islam.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Pakistan strongly denounced the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli occupation authorities and called upon the international community to take “urgent action” to stop “Israeli transgressions.” Pakistan’s condemnation came one day after Israeli occupation forces broke into the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

According to the statement issued by Pakistan, “Pakistan vehemently condemns the storming of the Al Aqsa Mosque by a member of the Israeli occupation authority and members of the Knesset under the protection of Israeli occupation forces.” Tens of thousands of Israeli nationalists participated in an annual flag-waving march to Jerusalem’s Old City on Thursday to commemorate Israel’s takeover of the city. This march took place as tensions along the Gaza border rose to dangerous levels.

  1. the holiest locations

The Freedom Organisation stated in their statement that the march was “yet another reprehensible event” that damaged the sanctity of one of the holiest locations in Islam by disrupting worshippers there.

It was referred to as another instance in a “series of escalators Israeli actions disrespectful to religious sentiments of over 1.5 billion Muslims around the world,” and it was stated that the episode in question was one of those events.

The Freedom Organisation issued a statement in which it claimed, “We reiterate that such acts are inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression and religion or belief of the Palestinian people, defying all humanitarian and human rights laws and norms.”

The statement issued by the FO (Foreign Office) emphasizes the urgency for the international community to intervene and put an end to what it refers to as “Israeli transgressions” in the occupied territories.

According to the FO, these transgressions have noticeably escalated since the start of the current year.

  1. Palestinian cause

The FO reiterates its unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, emphasizing the need for a viable, independent, and contiguous Palestinian State. It advocates for the establishment of this state based on the borders that existed prior to the 1967 war. Additionally, the FO asserts that Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) should serve as its capital. The statement maintains that this proposed solution represents the only just and comprehensive resolution to the Palestinian issue.

By urging the international community to take action, the FO highlights the gravity of the situation and the importance of addressing the ongoing conflicts in the occupied territories. The FO’s emphasis on pre-1967 borders and the recognition of Al-Quds Al-Sharif as the capital of the Palestinian State aligns with the long-standing aspirations of the Palestinian people and echoes similar calls made by various international actors advocating for a two-state solution.

Overall, the statement underscores Pakistan’s firm commitment to the Palestinian cause and its belief in a just and sustainable resolution that respects the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people. It seeks international solidarity and collective action to address the ongoing challenges and bring about a lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Pakistan condemns Al-Aqsa Mosque storming
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