Pakistan’s mobile industry: $15 billion exporter or another

Pakistan’s mobile industry: $15 billion exporter or another automotive-style disaster? phone business 

The mobile phone business in Pakistan may become an exporter worth $15 billion, or it could become another automotive-style disaster.Recent domestic disturbances, if not India’s success, should drive us to rethink on what we want the sector to be and, more crucially, what it should not be.Apple CEO Tim Cook made a trip to neighbouring India in April to officially open the country’s first two Apple stores in Mumbai and New Delhi. India enthusiastically greeted the opening of its first Apple stores.The event marked a significant milestone in Apple’s ongoing presence in India, and the air was filled with the sound of excited talk as a result. A new beginning for a partnership that dates back to 2017, when India persuaded Apple to outsource the manufacturing of iPhones to that country.

2.embracing India’s

A partnership that has even led to Apple competing with its arch-rival Samsung in embracing India’s PLI’s plan, which is expected to net the country over $9 billion in phone exports in this fiscal year alone.As our competitor made these advances, we watched with bated breath and a touch of resentment in our hearts. How was it that India was able to accomplish its goal? How was it possible to win over the investment of the most valuable firm in the world? As we watched the show, these are just some of the many questions that went through our heads while we were there.The mobile industry in the United States, in contrast to its equivalent in India, is today staring into the void.

3. Raw materials

The industry has been crippled since there is a shortage of raw materials and components, and its inability to open letters of credit indicates that it may soon come to a total halt.It was obvious that India had left a long-lasting mark on Cook since he wrote a note on his way out of the country expressing his willingness to return. For those of us who were looking on with envy, this was simply rubbing salt in the wound. It’s impossible to overstate how different things are. It was difficult not to ponder what things might be like if these businesses had opened under the auspices of Lahore’s minarets rather than Delhi’s, or if they had been sprinkled with the saline zephyr of Karachi rather than Mumbai.


How could we have let another chance go by without seizing it? Does the scenario in April provide an opportunity for us to reflect on our skills and where our limits lie? During this little lull in mobile production, we have the opportunity to ask: Should we anticipate Tim Cook arriving on our shores any time soon, or are we going to repeat the mistakes of the past by supporting a subpar industry?There has been rapid expansion in Pakistan’s mobile industry, which could eventually become a major economic driver for the country. There have been difficulties, but to call it a “automotive-style disaster” may be overstating the situation. Let’s investigate the potential of Pakistan’s mobile sector.

5. phone market in Pakistan

The mobile phone market in Pakistan has exploded in recent years. With over 200 million people living there, there is a sizable market for mobile products and services. The desire for mobile technology has been stoked by the widespread availability of smartphones and the emergence of cheap mobile data plans.The development of the digital economy has been an important influence in the expansion of Pakistan’s mobile sector. The internet, online shopping, and digital payments are just some of the many digital services that mobile devices have made possible. This has opened the door for small and medium-sized enterprises to innovate the mobile apps and services that consumers want.

Pakistan’s mobile industry: $15 billion exporter or another
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