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‘Pathaan’ writer Abbas Tyrewala admires Shah Rukh Khan’s confidence; says he signs his next film believing it will become next best



Shah Rukh Khan and the cast and crew of “Pathaan” are celebrating the film’s phenomenal success at the box office right now. Abbas Tyrewala, the film’s dialogue writer, recently discussed his admiration for the superstar’s self-assurance.
Abbas claims that when Shah Rukh agrees to work on a project, it’s because he thinks it has potential to be groundbreaking. He might not realise how poor a choice he made until much later. According to News18, the author doesn’t go into filmmaking thinking that it’s a high-stakes gamble that might not pay off.
He elaborated by saying that he finds this way of thinking fascinating, and wishes he could adopt it himself, but he simply lacks the necessary chutzpah and self-assurance. Abbas recalled that whenever Shah Rukh decides to take on a project, he is fully invested in it. And so does Siddharth Anand. He is confident that his upcoming movies will break box office records. That sort of self-assurance, he says, is something only a select few possess, and it’s essential to their success.
Abbas recalled an interview in which Shah Rukh was quoted as saying, “I don’t think anything I do is a risk.” He can’t do it unless he thinks it will be fantastic. Obviously, he can’t carry out a project if he thinks it’s too dangerous. Abbas has expressed his surprise that SRK does not see himself as taking any sort of risk.
Deepika Padukone and John Abraham also had starring roles in ‘Pathaan. Salman Khan made a cameo appearance as well.

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