"Pathan" - a hit or a flop? Hate towards Shah Rukh Khan is growing every day
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“Pathan” – a hit or a flop? Hate towards Shah Rukh Khan is growing every day

Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, Pathan is one of the most anticipated films in Bollywood. The hype around this project continues to grow.

The official teaser for the film was released on Shah Rukh’s birthday, November 2. Two songs were released in December called “Besharam Rang” and “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” . Only a month is left before the premiere on January 25, and the audience is waiting for the trailer.

It was directed by Siddharth Anand , who had previously directed films such as Knight of the Day and War with Hrithik Roshan; “Stranger and stranger” , “Beware, beauties!” with Ranbir Kapoor; “Everything will be fine” and “Salam Namaste” with Saif Ali Khan.

Fans are overjoyed at the return of superstar Shah Rukh Khan after a four-year hiatus, but there’s a lot more negativity surrounding the upcoming release.

The teaser was criticized for its striking resemblance to Hrithik Roshan’s War.

“It looks like a remake of Dhoom and a bad copy of War,” users wrote.

"Pathan" - a hit or a flop? Hate towards Shah Rukh Khan is growing every day

The similarities are not surprising as Pathan will be considered part of the shared universe of spy films produced by YRF, which also includes Salman Khan ‘s Tiger franchise and Hrithik Roshan ‘s War franchise .


"Pathan" - a hit or a flop? Hate towards Shah Rukh Khan is growing every day

The makers say the film will be “the biggest spectacle in the history of India” and will feature Shah and Deepika in glamorous roles as special agents.

Photos of King Khan with an amazing and chiselled body have been floating around the internet for weeks now. There is only one “but” – his reference 8 pack abs is the result of the work of visual effects specialists.

One of Khan’s fans asked the actor how long it took him to build his impeccable physique, to which Shah Rukh gave a cheeky response and said: “57 years bro” .

The retouchers overdid it so much in rejuvenating the main characters that even Shah Rukh’s famous nose was photoshopped on the posters, and now the fans are outraged about this.

The controversy around the project does not subside. The song “Besharam Rang” (translated as “Shameless Color” ) was equated with Deepika Padukone’s saffron bikini. For Indians, the color of saffron is sacred, associated with sacrifice and freedom.

Many Indians felt that the song “offends Hindu religious feelings” and demanded that the main character’s bikini be repainted. The creators agreed with this aspect and are already hard at work on correcting the color.

"Pathan" - a hit or a flop? Hate towards Shah Rukh Khan is growing every day

SRK has always been targeted by Hindu extremist groups due to his religious affiliation and they are now demanding an apology from the actor. “If Khan does not apologize, we will not allow the release of the Pathaan film,” the leaders say. A wave of protests is already rolling across the country demanding a ban on the screening of the film.

The second song “Jhoome Jo Pathaan” was criticized for the music, lyrics, and especially the choreography of Bosco-Caesar. “Better to feed the hungry than to pay to watch Pathaan,” said the leader of the Communist Party of India.

The Indian film community has responded to the hate with great love and support for Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone. Now all hope is only on the fans of Shah Rukh. Only they can help his film not become a disaster.

The film has a huge budget – 250 crores according to official figures and 300+ according to unofficial ones. Most likely, Pathan will not be able to recoup such a budget, but there is always hope for a miracle.

If the film is not credited with box office receipts (and YRF , alas, sins with this), then with a probability of 90% Pathan will fail at the box office. 10% remains on the charisma of Shah and his fans. Friends, do you think Pathan will be a hit or a flop?


“Pathan” – a hit or a flop? Hate towards Shah Rukh Khan is growing every day
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