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For the ladies! Unequal pay is a fact of life and it’s not fair, Patralekhaa



Patralekhaa’s mother and grandmother are two of the most influential people in her life and sources of great inspiration for her. On the occasion of Women’s Day, the actress discussed her admiration for women in the industry, as well as her thoughts on cyberbullying and gender pay gaps. Excerpts:
Which two women have been the most significant influences on your life?
My maternal grandparents. My mom is incredibly resilient; I’ve seen her face some of life’s darkest moments with a straight face and a firm resolve to persevere. To be honest, that motivates me. My grandmother, too, because she married at a young age, had her first child at 16, and began her own formal education at the same time her son did. Actually, they graduated from high school together. So, that is very encouraging.
What are your thoughts on the gender pay gap in the working world?
It’s unfair and a reality that there’s a pay gap between men and women. Because we are doing the same or similar work as men, we should be paid equally. There shouldn’t be a gap, but I realise that’s difficult to achieve.
Do you think females are more likely to engage in cyberbullying?
Why, yes! From my experience, it is much simpler for others to place blame on a female. Men are hardly ever the target of trolling.
If you had the power to make one change for women, what would it be?
Help create an environment where women can feel secure.

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