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Pindi Boyz roar

Pindi Boyz roar


Well-known rapper Osama Karamat, aka OCL, appears really ecstatic while describing his new album “Pindi Aye 2.0″ with his heavy American accent. This summer’s release is the follow-up to 2020’s massive smash, “Pindi Aye.”OCL has released a number of singles and EPs over the past few years, including PaKing, Barbaadi, and Munkashif, but the introduction of Pindi Boyz is currently the source of his greatest joy.He starts off by clarifying that “Pindi Aye 2.0” is the debut single by a hip-hop group, not just a song in which artists from Rawalpindi collaborate.Has-him Nawaz, Zeeru, Hamzee, Shuja Shah, Usman Ghauri, OCL, and Khawar Malik are the members of Pindi Boyz. MRKLE, the leader of the independent record company Stardek, has signed the band.

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Is N.W.A. on your mind? Yes, because a rap group’s impact can be as great as that of a solo artist, and no, because, unlike N.W.A. and financial problems, this is not a group where no one knows what anyone else is doing.OCL elaborates on the origins of the mega-band’s development.Previously, seven separate artists were working together on the song “Pindi Aye” from the year 2020; however, we have now formally united them.The formation of the supergroup was the end consequence of in-depth discussions regarding any topic that came up.We will discuss OCL’s forthright explanations for the lineup shift that resulted in the departure of one of the group’s original members. Formation comes first.


OCL thinks back to the beginning, to the first song, “Pindi Aye.” Pindi Boyz can trace their origins back to 2020, with the release of the first incarnation of the group’s signature song, “Pindi Aye.”The song’s history begins with Khawar Malik, a neighbour of Shuja Shah and Zeeru’s.According to OCL, Shuja Shah came up with the initial concept or “foetus of an idea” in its most basic form. After reworking it into a more contemporary musical environment and recruiting Khawar Malik to sing the hook, he contacted OCL, who was then based in Karachi. The rest, as OCL recalls, is in the track “Pindi Aye” and its music video, which have been viewed and heard by millions of people (and weren’t a bran-ded effort).However, that was a long time ago compared to now.

Pindi Aye 2.0

he says in the story for “Pindi Aye 2.0” that he called Hashim Nawaz. To paraphrase, “We’re all brothers, but with Hashim, it’s a different vibe because of the time we’ve spent away from the music industry and how we connect on a spiritual level.”In the end, OCL got in touch with Hashim Nawaz, a fierce rapper who can hold his own with or without a feature.OCL suggested that, rather than writing a song, they should instead establish a group.Hashim Nawaz agreed with OCL that Pindi Aye 2.0 should be Pindi Boyz’s first single.”A team effort is always better than an individual effort,” says OCL.Because Pakistan’s music audience is still developing, hip-hop and rap are still in their infancy there. Young Stunners are fantastic, yet they’re just three people strong (plus a hidden fourth).

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Thirdly, OCL mentions their producer Jokhay, and fourthly, Umair, who also works with them on a regular basis.What I mean is, it takes a village, right? As a result, Hashim agreed. After speaking with Khawar Malik, I contacted Zeeru and Shuja Shah. The guys got together in the studio since a generational gap of three years can cause communication issues and misunderstandings. The goal was to put everyone on the same page and clear the air.When Hashim Nawaz and OCL were just starting out, they had the chance to perform at a modest performance in Islamabad that had an all-hip-hop line-up.Hamzee was a featured performer as well. They witnessed one of his shows. That led to calling Hamzee, and then all six of them came together in the studio to talk things over and see whether they were in a place to work together. Everyone was on board with working together.

Pindi Boyz

The discussion that gave rise to Pindi Boyz also established that each member could and should pursue single careers alongside the group.That was the process through which we came together as a group: we united. The seventh person is Ghauri.The producer’s name is he. I contacted him ahead of time, and he joined the team before Hamzee did. When we first got together, it was pretty obvious that we’d release ‘Pindi Aye 2.0’ as our debut single. Ghauri was sending some beats over as Hashim and I sat there. A particular one was invigorating. The trouble is, a sequel to a song or a film needs to be different from the original while yet retaining some of the original’s charm, so we told everyone about it.Now there was music.Fadi, who has left the music industry for personal reasons, is the only member of Pindi Boyz who is no longer present.


Pindi Boyz brought everyone back and tried not to give any one person too much attention. It was Fadi’s decision, and I wish him well in his endeavours. The rest of the team is the same, though. That is to say, everyone got their just desserts, whether their grievances were real or imagined.OCL claims that Fadi’s absence from a song or group is voluntary on his part.

Pindi Boyz roar
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