‘Political interests’ are being served by the army’s use of torture to spread propaganda, top brass says.

‘Political interests’ are being served by the army’s use of torture to spread propaganda, top brass says.


Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) the military’s media arm, claims that recent statements by top commanders in the Pakistan Army reveal their worries about the use of torture to promote propaganda and its alignment with specific political goals. Several high-ranking officials, including Army Chief of Staff General Asim Munir, shared their thoughts on the topic during the 81st Formation Commanders Conference, which took place at the General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi.

mislead the public.

The discussion reached the consensus that claims that security personnel engage in custodial torture, human rights abuses, or the suppression of political activity are untrue and designed to mislead the public. They see these allegations as part of a larger campaign to damage the credibility of the military for partisan gain.General Asim Munir reaffirmed the Pakistan Army’s dedication to its national duty of defending Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Further, he emphasised the significance of the events of May 25, which he said were an unmistakable illustration of the deep link between the people of Pakistan and their armed services.

hostile forces

General Munir went on to say that he was determined to counter the attempts of “hostile forces and their abettors” to sow dissension and confusion in the minds of the people by spreading false information and propaganda.The events of May 9, also known as the “9th May Black Day,” were roundly criticised at the forum. They vowed once again to use the laws derived from the Constitution of Pakistan, such as the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act, to punish those responsible for the destruction of shuhada monuments like Jinnah House and the attacks on military installations.

noose of law

The ISPR emphasised the large body of information demonstrating the futility of the attempts to fabricate distortions and generate fraudulent human rights allegations.The top commanders asked for a tightening of the “noose of law” around the planners and masterminds of the insurrection against the state and state institutions, in addition to judicial proceedings for the perpetrators and instigators. They made it quite obvious that they would use force against anyone who tried to stop the eventual defeat of these poorly planned enemy forces.

seminar, ISPR

At the seminar, ISPR chief General Munir stressed the value of professionalism and morale in military operations. Soldiers are the army’s most important resource, thus he lauded their superiors for always making their well-being and morale top priorities.All those present at the conference pledged to do whatever it took to keep Pakistan safe and secure. In addition, they offered Fateha in honour of the shuhadas (martyrs) who gave their lives defending the honour of their country.


The forum made it clear that the shuhadas and their families will be held in the highest regard by the state of Pakistan and its military services, and that their sacrifices will be remembered with the utmost respect and dignity.The top commanders also got detailed briefings on the present security environment, foreign and internal threats, and the operational readiness necessary to effectively respond to both traditional and non-traditional security problems. In order to improve operational readiness and to keep up with the growing security imperatives, the statement said the forum had been briefed on the structural changes and specialised technology being deployed.

‘Political interests’ are being served by the army’s use of torture to spread propaganda, top brass says.
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