PPP and PML-N are at odds over the appointment of a new PCB chairman.

PPP and PML-N are at odds over the appointment of a new PCB chairman.

PCB chairman

PPP and PML-N are at odds over the appointment of a new PCB chairman.
Since PPP’s minister oversees the Inter-Provincial Coordination Division, the party is lobbying for the position of PCB chairman.Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) are reportedly at odds over who should lead the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), according to senior writer Hamid Mir.’Capital Talk’ host and Geo News contributor Mir stated on Wednesday that the PPP is pushing for the appointment of the PCB chairman since the PPP minister in charge of the Inter-Provincial Coordination Division (IPC) is also in charge of the PCB.

PCB chief

The PPP has chosen former PCB chief Zaka Ashraf as their candidate. According to him, tensions have arisen because the PML-N wants to put Najam Sethi, chairman of the PCB’s management committee, to the position.During the show’s discussion on the topic, PML-N leader and federal minister Khurram Dastgir dispelled any notion of discord.”These may be internal matters, but we have good relations and a good working relationship with our allies,” Dastgir remarked.Appointment to the prestigious office, however, is not a walk in the park.

Minister for IPC

Yesterday, the hopefuls had a busy day in the nation’s capital, lobbying and parading their credentials and making their way to the halls of power through their various connections.During Ashraf’s meeting with the Minister for IPC, Sethi talked to PCB patron-in-chief Shehbaz Sharif.Mazari assured Ashraf of complete support for the role in accordance with party doctrine during the hour-long meeting.Since Zaka Ashraf’s time as PCB Chairman was so fruitful, our party’s leadership has instructed us to back his credentials. He has proven himself to be a reliable leader and an excellent administrator. A government official said that the minister was responsible for creating the Pakistan Super League (PSL).


Caretakers who are appointed to ensure that elections are conducted fairly and freely are not allowed to run for office themselves.Second, under a coalition government, the PPP has the right to nominate a candidate for the position of sports minister and, by extension, IPC minister. “We cannot expect everyone to respect our mandate and interfere in Ministries where PML-N or JUI have their ministers,” stated Mazari.We anticipate receiving Zaka Ashraf’s name as a nominee for PCB Chairman from the PM in the near future. His name was on the report we sent to the prime minister lately.

appointment as PCB’s chairman

The meeting’s stated purpose was to discuss the future setup and formalities associated with Ashraf’s appointment as PCB’s chairman, which he confirmed after the meeting.He was also appreciative of the minister’s efforts to improve sports administration in the country.I am grateful to the minister for all his hard work to improve sports facilities and ensure democratic PCB elections. “I am happy that Mazari is continuing the legacy of his family, who have done so much for Pakistan,” Ashraf told The News.He also took the opportunity to educate Minister Mazari on the significance of cricket at the regional and departmental levels for the growth of the sport across the country.

permanent PCB

The News first reported that Ashraf was a frontrunner for permanent PCB chairman a few months before the PCB management committee’s extended notification.There are now ongoing efforts to hold the chairman elections before the PCB MC extension ends on June 21. On June 12, MC Chairman Sethi called a meeting to discuss the necessary procedures and give the electoral college its final form.

PPP and PML-N are at odds over the appointment of a new PCB chairman.
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