PPP opposed the regime but never carried out any attacks

PPP opposed the regime but never carried out any attacks against infrastructure: Bilawal.

attacks on institutions

In opposition to authoritarianism, PPP never engaged in attacks on institutions; BilawalForeign Minister says Islamabad want serious ties with Moscow.
On Saturday, Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari remarked that while the PPP has fought dictatorships in the past, including the late Musharraf’s, no political party in Pakistan had ever conducted an offensive like the PTI did on May 9.While on a recent trip to Iraq, he gave an interview to Al-Jazeera in which he made this statement.In response to PTI leader Imran Khan’s accusations, Bilawal claimed that Khan was ultimately to blame for his own demise.The foreign minister claimed that dictatorships had previously plagued Pakistan, and that PTI leader Imran Khan consistently backed dictatorships. It was widely known and accepted that his election to power was fraudulent.


According to Bilawal, PTI supporters are angry because the army has declared it will not participate in politics and will instead remain neutral.He went on to say that the attacks on the GHQ and the house of the corps commander by PTI supporters on May 9 had offended a lot of people. There would be judicial repercussions for the rioters, he promised.While responding to a query, Bilawal stated, “We don’t believe the change could come by overnight,” adding that democratic forces in the country may bring about the change. He argued that parliament should be involved in a civilian and political process to bring about the necessary transformation. In regards to parliament, Imran Khan has paid little attention.The civilian and political leadership must increase the democratic role, he argued, leaving little room for others. “The fate of the country can’t be decided on streets but by parliament,” he emphasised.

foreign minister

The foreign minister said he had no regrets about moving back to Pakistan to fulfil his mother’s dream. Democracy is spreading in Pakistan.He reaffirmed Pakistan’s government’s dedication to strengthening ties with Russia. He claimed that they intended to remain impartial in the Ukraine crisis.He insisted that the global community should take notice of the devastating floods that hit portions of Pakistan last year.The foreign minister expressed optimism that the country’s citizens will band together to confront the various economic and political obstacles they face, including as climate change, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and domestic issues.

Taliban rulers

In response to a question, he remarked that once Kabul fell, the international world had high hopes for the new leadership. He went on to say that the international community wanted the Taliban rulers to offer women’s rights and education, as well as to prevent the use of Afghan soil for terrorist activities, and that Pakistan’s stance was consistent with this.Bilawal has praised the resumption of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This is good news for the two countries, the region, and the rest of the world, he said, adding that all the problems could be solved by working together.The foreign minister slammed the claims of wrongdoing against Chinese investment in Pakistan, calling them an example of a “biassed attitude.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor

” He emphasized the need of economic growth as the foundation for permanent strategic partnership between Pakistan and China.He also noted that China was finishing several energy and transportation infrastructure projects with Pakistan’s help through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a centerpiece of China’s “One belt, one road” policy.He spoke highly of his trip to Iraq, saying it will strengthen ties between the two countries and boost trade. They also hoped to share lessons learned in the fight against terrorism while strengthening security and defence ties. He also said that the two countries had agreed to make tourist permits easier to get in order to foster closer cultural and religious connections.


PPP opposed the regime but never carried out any attacks
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