PPP, others faced jail but never used violence: Bilawal

PPP, others faced jail but never used violence: Bilawal

1. leader of the PPP

According to the leader of the PPP, Karachi requires “Shehbaz speed” in order to resolve its problems.turned out to be beneficial and productive for Pakistan. “My conclusion after the trip is that it was a productive and positive decision to participate in the event,” he added. “As far as the Kashmir issue, bilateral issues between Pakistan and India, and the responsibilities of multilateralism are concerned, it was a productive and positive decision to participate in the event.” He briefed the committee that “we thought,” “we should project Pakistan’s case and point of view in front of not only Indians but also other participant countries,” “In addition to this.

2. leaders of allied parties

The minister stated that past foreign secretaries, leaders of allied parties, and other stakeholders had been consulted for their input on participation in the event in India. The minister noted that the event was being held in India. “SCO is a multilateral forum, and it provided opportunities to hold meetings with the world leadership and project Pakistan’s point of view on various points,” he added. SCO is an acronym for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.bilawal mentioned that the fact that Pakistan’s all-weather partners China and Russia were the founders of this organisation was the second factor that was taken into consideration for attending the event. He stated that the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) had offered a chance to showcase Pakistan’s narrative, since it was the intention of the Indian government to abuse this significant forum.

3. Indian narrative

Pakistan had given an adequate response to the Indian narrative, which had linked terrorism with Pakistan, Muslims, and Kashmiris. “The occasion gave me the chance to explain to them that I am the son of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, who was murdered as a result of terrorist attacks. The people of Pakistan are the ones who suffer the most as a result of terrorism, he continued.”It is our principled stance that we will not seek a meeting with our Indian counterpart,” he went on to say. He was of the opinion that the conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) also provided an opportunity to communicate with the people of India, top anchors, and other media personnel, and to refute the Indian narrative that links terrorism with Pakistan and Muslims. That is what he said.

4. SCO conference

The SCO conference was scheduled to take place in Pakistan between the years 2026 and 2027, and there was optimism that India’s counterpart would attend.Concerning Afghanistan, he stated that following the establishment of the interim government in Afghanistan, there has been an uptick in terrorist strikes in Pakistan. During the side meetings that took place during the SCO conference, members had also discussed the problem of Afghanistan with one another. In regard to China’s involvement in fostering closer relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, he expressed gratitude to China for its efforts in this regard. He continued by saying, “China has demonstrated that it is a superpower and a peacemaker.”

5. Iran and Saudi Arabia

He stated that Pakistan will benefit from improved relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which would also be to Pakistan’s advantage. the criticised the Indian government for its plan to host the Group of 20 Youth and Tourism convention in an area of Kashmir that is now under Indian occupation.  claimed that while he was in India, he warned the people there that they would not be able to attain a participation rate of one hundred percent because the meeting was being held in a contested territory.

PPP, others faced jail but never used violence: Bilawal
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