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Prepare the runway

Prepare the runway

1.experimentation plays

The truest expression of fashion is one that takes risks. Because of the fundamental role that experimentation plays in the dissemination of design and couture to style experts, it has persisted as an essential aspect of the system. It has often been born out of necessity, as designers undergo a personal or professional transformation and must update their wardrobes or production values.It would appear that in the case of Pakistan, we must do so at the airport’s tarmac.Since a certain city in the Far East and the subsequent pandemic changed the world forever, the microcosm of fashion in the country has seen massive shifts. No longer do fashion weeks last three days, feature dozens of designers, and culminate on a massive catwalk.

2.flocked solo presentation

Instead, many fashion designers and couturiers (try to guess who) flocked to the solo presentation, which had previously served more as a symbol of financial opulence. And it did the trick for some; they were able to have their three years of service acknowledged as an accomplishment. For others, it was a botched debut that didn’t even register in the industry’s favorite catchphrase: “the business of fashion,” despite widespread promotion in the paid media.The performances became a breeding ground for tired experiments and muddled ideas, but this was due to more than simply their inability to turn a profit. Another contributing factor was the unrefined runway infrastructure.

3.dazzling’ experiments

I can count on my fingers the number of ‘dazzling’ experiments I’ve been invited to or watched in the last three years since things turned for the worse. There have been rumors of moon landings and secret gardens, both of which turned out to be the backyards of unremarkable houses; Desi MET Galas, which were a joke at best; museum installations that had everything but guests; beach trips, during which personal moments overshadowed innovation in fashion; Mughal fiestas, during which the uninvited onlookers caused stampedes; and maybe even a trip to the moon (I wish the latter were real and not just a fig .However, there was little substance to their ceremony. Don’t misunderstand me. critic

More interesting things than collections were on display here than at any other fashion week. Any fashion critic would be knocked out of attempting to find what the clothes had to offer and instead be attracted by the accompanying details due to the sensory overload.Several centuries ago, the Ottomans were big supporters of the art form that would come to be known as Horror Vacui for its ornate images and elaborate compositions. The word had come to be used in the context of art criticism to describe the practise of covering every inch of a room or piece of art with so many minute details that the observer becomes visually overwhelmed and becomes unable to take in the design at a deeper level. That, in my opinion, is what flying into Pakistan presently entails.

5.history of fashion

That’s just the way fashion is. And there’s nothing wrong with that either, so long as you don’t end up feeling like you’re on an episode of “America’s Next Top Model” or “Project Runway” that was poorly produced.Almost every designer in the history of fashion has tried to do away with the traditional runway in favour of a more interactive and immersive experience. Neither Karl Lagerfeld’s transformation of the Grand Palais in Paris into a casino nor Fendi’s use of the Great Wall of China at sunset nor Marc Jacobs’s use of escalators as the beating heart of his presentation will soon be forgotten. The production team had to switch locations the night before, so they also had to come up with a public relations façade for the new site. However, these ideas weren’t anything out of the ordinary.

6. presentation 

Teams meet for stretches of time lasting several months to guarantee that fashion remains central to these encounters. None of these out-there exhibitions have ever lost sight of the fact that they are meant to display amazing clothing. The rest doesn’t matter as much as it should. It’s impossible to picture a Balenciaga or Jean Paul Gaultier runway presentation without extreme innovation. However, the things they created are forever imprinted on the minds of style experts. The show itself wasn’t the only thing that spoke volumes.


I have discussed this with nearly every major designer in the country right now, behind closed doors, in cafés full of idle discussion, and in countless design studios I have visited in the years since fashion changed its ways. Everyone longs for the days when a fashion show consisted of two parallel rows separated by a long white runway. Every journalist, every designer, every council member, and every person sitting in the audience remembers the million flashes a minute coming from the photographers at the end of the runway and the flailing hands full of movement of the runway choreographer on top of the podium.

Prepare the runway
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