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For their upcoming action-adventure game, Game Freak has teamed up with Private Division

Private Division

Private Division

Project Bloom, the new intellectual property, will be released under Take-Two’s imprint.
Private Division and Game Freak are working together on a new game. Take-Two’s publishing label and Game Freak are teaming up to release a new game, currently known only by its codename, Project Bloom.

Since the collaboration is still in its infancy, no information is known about it at this time. Take-Two has announced that the release of Project Bloom is scheduled for the fiscal year 2026.

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet and Pokemon Legends: Arceus were released by Game Freak in 2016, further cementing the company’s reputation as the go-to for Pokemon games. However, Game Freak isn’t just a Poke-studio; they’ve developed games like Pocket Card Jockey and Little Town Hero in addition to the Pokemon series.

Game Freak director Kota Furushima said, “We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create new IP that is bold and tonally different from our prior work.” We always knew Private Division would be the perfect fit as our new game’s publisher. Their proven success and international knowledge have inspired us to design an epic new action-adventure game, details of which we can’t wait to reveal.

Meanwhile, Take-Two’s Game Freak Private Division is working on a brand-new project for its publishing label. It debuted with The Outer Worlds and is now collaborating with Intercept Games to release Kerbal Space Programme 2. In 2021, Private Division also purchased Roll7, an OlliOlli studio.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a firm that has released more classic blockbusters than Game Freak over the past three decades, according to Michael Worosz, Chief Strategy Officer at Take-Two Interactive and head of Private Division. We’re excited to be the first Western publisher to partner with Game Freak and their extraordinarily skilled and proven team to bring a groundbreaking new intellectual property to life.

The fresh concept image and the fact that it is an action-adventure game are the only pieces of information we have thus far. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what Game Freak does in the coming years. Game Freak, meanwhile, is hard at work on further downloadable content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Private Division
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