Priyanka Chopra has been trolled
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Priyanka Chopra has been trolled

Priyanka Chopra has been trolled on Twitter for her remarks about leaving Bollywood, with users pointing out that she once remarked “comfortable is boring.”

Priyanka Chopra has been trolled

Priyanka Chopra has been trolled

Priyanka Chopra spoke up to Dax Shepard in his podcast, explaining that she wanted to relocate to Hollywood because Bollywood producers were “not casting” her. She attributed this to the “politics” of the industry. On the comedic podcast “Armchair Expert,” the actress admitted that she had “beef with people” in the film industry during their talk with the actor.
She said, “I have never said this before, and the only reason I am opening up now is because I feel safe.”
In the (Hindi film) industry, I felt like I had nowhere to turn. “I had people not casting me for reasons, I had beef with people, I am not good at playing that game, so I kind of was tired of the politics and said I needed a break,” Priyanka revealed in the discussion.
The actress continued by saying that it was difficult to obtain good film roles in Bollywood. She added, “Back home, I was having trouble getting cast in the movies I wanted to avoid.” Since she had already been living in Los Angeles for nearly two years at that point, Jimmy Iovine reportedly stepped in and suggested that she start looking for representation in acting.
Many, however, have taken to Twitter to criticize Priyanka for what they see as her “playing the victim card again.”
I find PRIYANKA CHOPRA appealing. But let’s be honest: PC didn’t leave Bollywood for the United States because of the political climate there. That’s because it’s a common occurrence across all sectors. Please don’t blame her. First, “vo (brown)- Indian hai toh it’s necessary to play the victim in today’s Woke America to grow in Hollywood,” the tweet stated.
While reflecting on her filmography, another critic commented, “And the victim card is out once again Priyanka Chopra signed Quantico in 2014. In 2014, she filmed Gunday with YRF, and in 2015, she filmed DDD and Bajirao Masani. also signed Bharat opposite Salman, but abandoned the film midway through since she was given another cameo role in Hollywood and “pushed into the corner.”
A Twitter user brought up PeeCee’s viral comments from last week, in which she explained that she had relocated from Bollywood to Hollywood because “comfortable is boring.” Last time she said comfortable is boring, she went to Hollywood; now this?” read the tweet. What exactly is she trying to say?”
Another tweet claimed that Priyanka is only saying these things “simply to make news” because she has worked with the greatest names in the industry. Someone on Twitter wrote, “I mean she has some best films in Bollywood, she got to work with srk, Akshay, salman, Ranbir, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, agneepath etc..” followed by a laughing smiley. She’s still having jee le Zara moments with Farhan. The presence of politics in everyday life begs the question, “So what?”

Priyanka Chopra has been trolled
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