PTI Chairman Confronts U.S. Over Worker Crackdown

PTI Chairman Confronts U.S. Over Worker Crackdown

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According to a purported audio leak, To bring attention to “rights violations” in Pakistan, Khan contacted US lawmaker Maxine Moore.

On Saturday, a purported audio leak involving Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters emerged on social media. Khan, who had previously accused the United States of conspiring against him and orchestrating his removal from power in April of the previous year, is allegedly heard on the tape appealing for assistance from the US Congresswoman amidst the escalating crackdown on his party members and officials.


The claimed audio leak showing Khan and US Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters surfaced on social media on Saturday. In it, the former could be heard requesting the latter to voice her concerns about “human rights violations” in Pakistan. Maxine Moore Waters was also featured in the supposed audio leak.

“[This is] certainly one of the most critical occasions in the course of our history. According to what is supposedly said by the former prime minister to the other person on the audio who is thought to be a congresswoman from the United States, “We have the most bizarre situation going on in this country.”



The chairman of the PTI gave a briefing to the parliamentarians in the United States regarding his removal from office and the subsequent crackdown on his party workers in the 1.57 minute long audio leak.

In the attempted assassination, three bullets struck me. The military institution’s dominance in this country led to the overthrow of my government, orchestrated by the former army chief of staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa. During the overheard chat, he accused his opponent of conspiring with the current people in power to overthrow his government.

Khan further declared that his Democratic party was enduring the “worst crackdown” ever witnessed in the nation’s history, in his opinion, surpassing the level of scrutiny any Democratic party had ever faced.

Khan made the following statement while he was pleading with Congresswoman Waters to issue a statement in favor of his party: “We would appreciate here because it goes a long way when someone like you Maxine gives a statement.”

“All that we want is the rule of law, the Constitution, and the protection of our fundamental rights. When someone like you, Maxine, speaks up, it causes a lot of waves,” he added. “All we want is a statement highlighting [crackdown], and that would really help us.”

  1. Audio leak

The authorities have discovered the alleged audio in the midst of an intensifying crackdown on PTI employees and leaders, as they engaged in violent protests following the arrest of party president Imran Khan on May 9 in a fraud case.

Throughout the nearly three days of protests, law enforcement agencies have apprehended thousands of party workers and officials, accusing them of looting and setting fire to public and military structures nationwide. The protests have persisted for almost three days.


At least ten people were killed and dozens of others were injured during the riots. The civil and military leadership of the country declared the unprecedented violence as a “black chapter” in the history of the country and vowed to try the rioters under the Army Act and other relevant laws of the country. During the riots, at least ten people were killed.

Khan, the leader of the PTI, has dissociated his party from the recent attacks on government and military facilities, and he has called for an independent judicial committee to investigate the incidents.

PTI Chairman Confronts U.S. Over Worker Crackdown
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