PTI leader Qureshi discusses the current political climate.

PTI leader Qureshi discusses the current political climate.

political climate.

PTI leader Qureshi discusses the current political climate.After an initially contentious discussion, PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Party Chief met again.On Friday, reports indicated that Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi met for the second time since Qureshi’s release from detention.In the midst of their party’s rapid collapse, with several defectors forming the Istihkam-e-Pakistan Party created by the ex-prime minister’s former assistant Jahangir Khan Tareen, the two leaders reportedly addressed the political situation in the country.After an acrimonious first meeting on Wednesday, Qureshi and the PTI chief met again on Friday.

former foreign minister

According to reports, the former foreign minister, who is now waving a “flag of justice,” advised his leader to temporarily withdraw, either by leaving the country or, failing that, by keeping quiet.Angry PTI members stormed the Lahore Corps Commanders House and the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on May 9 after the arrest of the party’s leader, bringing home the wrath of the state.The crackdown resulted in the arrest of dozens of party members and officials. Consequently, several members of the party’s leadership defected, causing the party to disintegrate and putting additional stress on the cricketer-turned-politician.

former prime became angry

According to the sources, at their last encounter, the former prime became angry with Qureshi and they exchanged harsh words.However, they reconnected and talked about the political situation and efforts to free the inmates.According to the sources, the PTI leaders also talked about the current political climate.Ali Muhammad Khan, a former minister who had been released from the Mardan Jail, was re-arrested on Friday as part of the ongoing crackdown on the PTI.An anti-terrorism court (ATC) had ordered the PTI leader’s release from prison after clearing him of all charges relating to the mayhem and attacks on civic and military installations that occurred on May 9. If he is not a witness in any other case, the judge ordered the authorities to release him.

anti-corruption establishment

But the anti-corruption establishment (ACE) personnel arrested him outside the ATC building for another matter.Qureshi was himself arrested several times under Section 3 of the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance (MPO) and just released this past Wednesday.A close friend of Qureshi’s in Multan claims that at the previous meeting, the PTI vice chairman begged the PTI chairman to allow him and others to settle issues and forgive them.In addition, he assured the former prime minister that he would be welcome to lead the party once more after the dust had settled.Qureshi had advised the PTI head to put emotion aside and make rational decisions during this trying moment.A source said that Qureshi also told the PTI chairman that the retired persons who are misleading him are powerless to help.This infuriated the former prime minister, and Qureshi eventually left Zaman Park.


PTI leader Qureshi discusses the current political climate.
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