Rani Mukerji gushes about Adira
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Rani Mukerji gushes about Adira

Rani Mukerji gushes about her empathetic young daughter Adira: On the other hand, I need to start working up the courage to be apart from her

Rani Mukerji gushes about Adira

Rani Mukerji gushes about Adira

Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra have never made any public statements about their private lives. Together, they raised their daughter Adira, now 7. As Rani travels the country to promote her new film, Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway, she has been opening up about the difficulties of raising their daughter, Adira, with both of them in the workforce.
She noted that while Adira is naturally empathetic, it was still a conscious decision on her part to strike a work-life balance that would allow her to be there for her daughter. She claimed that the pandemic was a blessing in disguise because it made it simpler for her to take Adira, who had started home schooling, with her on her travels.
“It’s going to be tough for me to make a movie now. Adira is currently a first-year student moving up to the second grade; therefore, we cannot allow her to skip classes. Therefore, I need to train myself to be okay without her. That’s something else for which she needs to at least be ready. “I will have to wait and see what happens in the future about it,” Rani told India Today.
She went on to explain that she only makes one film per year so that she can spend more time at home with her daughter Adira and help her with her schoolwork. Since many mothers are unable to do so, she is appreciative of being able to organise her day as she sees fit.
“You have to be willing to make some sacrifices if you want to be a professional, and there are days when I don’t have the option to go home on time. That’s what you have to get across to your kid. If you can get them to see things from your perspective, I think they’ll get it. Adi and I both have careers, so Adira is growing up with the knowledge that both her parents are hardworking adults.

Rani Mukerji gushes about Adira
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