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Ravie Dubey

Ravie Dubey thinks that in order to play a complex character, one must undergo a mental shift

Ravie Dubey

Ravie Dubey

Actor Ravie Dubey discussed how he had to change his appearance and mindset for the role of Faraddayy in the next film.
The actor revealed that he underwent a personal psychological shift throughout filming.
Ravie elaborated, saying, “In this persona, physical and other sorts of aesthetic metamorphosis are secondary. The most crucial part is getting inside this character’s head and discovering their fundamental values and motivations. As a result, a character’s inner development is crucial, not only for this one but for any protagonist.
Ravie remarked, “I am careful about what I eat to get into character for Rajan. Keeping fit should be a priority in everyone’s life. It was probably a lot of labour to get that particular appearance. I started taking my health and diet seriously. The mental and physical changes are equally crucial while preparing for a complex role.
He continued by saying that he is coping with the toll that playing such a role has taken on his physical and emotional health.
After getting into character, time flies by, as I’m sure all performers will attest to. And I’m simply glad that people are getting something out of it. That’s great news for everyone involved in the film and the production as a whole, not just me. Personally, I’d be really interested in watching a movie like this. So, I came to the conclusion that we had to produce something and share the tale.
More specifically, he said, “When we actually conceptualised the film, we knew that this is the path we should take.” Remembering that we did it on almost no money is important as well. Being an abstract film, I didn’t expect it would find many viewers. This is a narrative we believe in, and we’d like you to develop it, but we didn’t actually go through the process of telling anyone about it. We just took a chance and started doing it ourselves.
Ankur Pajni helms the upcoming December release, “Fradday.”

Ravie Dubey
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