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Resident Evil 4

A tiny Moushley is placed atop Leon’s cranium in this Resident Evil 4 modification

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

The modding community for the 2023 recreation of Resident Evil 4 has gotten off to a good start, creating new outfits and other customizations for the game’s main characters. In contrast, a single social media post about Moushley has inspired a flood of fan art and, now, a custom patch that lets you play as Moushley.

For those unaware, Moushley began with a tweet by user @Agrimmora, who depicted Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, as a small mouse. This sweet interpretation of Ashley spawned numerous imitations. It seems like Moushley is on a roll right now.

Well, now there’s a hack that takes the Moushley concept and modernizes it in the style of Pixar. In “Moushley Graham – Ratatouille Mod,” Cathroon imagines a world where Moushley is Ratatouille-ing Leon. The outcomes are nothing short of spectacular.
TheCapsuleFiend’s Moushley model serves as Leon Kennedy’s hair substitute. Moushley can sit atop Leon’s cranium and steer him through the terrifying events of Resident Evil 4 with this item. True, it originated in someone’s mind, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

You’ll need the Fluffy Mods Manager, and you’ll want to disable the hair strands option in the settings, but other than that, downloading and installing the mods from the Nexus website should go smoothly.

A trite insertion
There have been many bizarre and interesting modifications to Resident Evil 4, but I’m particularly fond of the Moushley update. One reason is that it is reflective of a lighthearted fan reimagining and is otherwise reasonably clean.

It’s a nice touch for the sake of polishing things off. It’s not a secret method of playing or a downloadable add-on. (Although, you should probably play it safe for Moushley.) For those who like to imagine that a mouse in a sweater covertly commands the actions of secret agent Leon Kennedy, this is a nice bonus.

Resident Evil 4
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