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Returnal’s First PC Patch Is Out



The PC version of Returnal released on February 15, and the game’s first, minor patch is now available. There are six things that have been fixed, ranging from a more accurate detection of Windows resolutions to a minor adjustment in the Epic Particle settings. For the complete patch notes, please scroll down.

The Steam page for Returnal states that the upcoming patch will enhance performance and address the 3840×1600 resolution issue.
Released in 2021 for the PS5, Returnal was intended in part to demonstrate that system’s capabilities. The new PC release features a wide range of resolution options in addition to support for Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR. It only requires a GTX 1060 from players as a minimum rig. You can take full advantage of high-end graphics cards like the 3080Ti with the game’s ultra and epic settings, which produce stunningly crisp and detailed images.

Mike Epstein, writing for GameSpot, praised Returnal for its creative use of PlayStation 5 technology and its tight gameplay elements that kept challenging random encounters feeling new.

“It’s always unsettling and difficult to go back. Its mysterious plot and relentless action feel fresh, intense, and new, “Words by Epstein.

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