Russia launches largest drone attack on Kyiv since Ukraine war.

Russia launches largest drone attack on Kyiv since Ukraine war.


1.conflict in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Russia has launched the most extensive drone bombardment on Kiev.Forty of the 54 drones were used in the attack that took place overnight between Saturday and Sunday, and they targeted the capital.According to a report by AFP, which cited Ukrainian military authorities as a source, Russia has carried out the “most important” drone attack on Kyiv since the beginning of the invasion.The regional military administration announced on Telegram that “it’s the most important drone attack against the capital since the start of the invasion” in February 2022. city

Forty of the 54 drones that were launched during the attack were aimed towards the capital city, which was carried out overnight between Saturday and Sunday.According to the information provided, the assault “took place over several waves and the air raid alert” and continued for more than five hours. The incident resulted in the injuries of at least three people and the deaths of at least two individuals.However, some of the drones were shot down, which resulted in one of the casualties and the wounding of another. Another of the casualties was caused by the shooting down of the drones.

3.Ukraine’s air defence

According to the administration, Ukraine’s air defence system shot down forty Russian drones, and debris from the destroyed devices fell on the roof of a structure, causing the injuries.During this time, a fire broke out in a warehouse district, taking the life of one individual. There were reports that the flames from the big fire reached heights of up to 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) in the air.The local authorities were reported in the article as noting that emergency personnel were present at each location where the incident occurred.


In addition to this, a second man was killed and a lady was injured in the Solomianskii neighbourhood of the city.

4. Ukrainian government

According to the Ukrainian government, this was the 14th drone attack that Russia has launched against the capital of Ukraine this month.According to the Russian air force, the 54 attack drones were fired “from the regions of Briansk and Krasnodar” in Russia. The air force also stated that 52 of the drones were destroyed.According to the statement, Moscow was aiming for “military installations and critical infrastructure in the central region of the country, and in particular the Kyiv region.”

Russia launches largest drone attack on Kyiv since Ukraine war.
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