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Rusted Moss

The April release of Steam will bring the grapple gun game Rusted Moss

Rusted Moss

Rusted Moss

The PC version of this game is coming shortly. Playism and its partners have announced that the PC version of Rusted Moss, developed by faxdoc, happyquared, and sunnydaze, will be released on Steam on April 12.

There are strong Metroid undertones in this twin-stick, side-scrolling shooter. There is a sense of familiarity due to the grid-based map and explorable universe. The gripping hook, however, is a distinguishing feature.

The grapple mechanic is central, allowing the main character Fern to hook and fly to distant locations. When combined with powerful weapons, this makes for a frantic and exciting side-scrolling shooter.

Since this is a true twin-stick shooter, you can aim in any direction. When you factor in the game’s massive, chaotic final battles, it becomes clear that this is a search-action title tailored to players who prefer a more tense experience while uncovering secrets.

This is the part that keeps you coming back: the catch
The demo for Rusted Moss is one that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing on multiple occasions, both at PAX and at Steam showcase festivals. In fact, if you head over to the store page, you can enjoy the demo for Rusted Moss right now.

I’ve really liked it each time because of the way the gameplay combines movement with shooting, which reminds me of Titanfall and Spider-Man. It’s tough, but in a good manner; you may need to experiment with the various grapple settings to find the one that works best for you.

The month of April doesn’t seem quite as packed as May and June, so now could be a good opportunity to check out a lesser-known title like Rusted Moss. The demo is available regardless of whether or not you plan to buy the complete game on April 12.

Rusted Moss
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