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Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares birthday thoughts on love, life, and revelry

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Samantha As she takes aim at Citadel, Ruth Prabhu will also be celebrating her birthday. The ‘Shaakuntalam’ star admitted in a recent interview that she favours low-key family gatherings to elaborate events. She also discusses her adolescence and the prospect of future romantic relationships. Please continue reading…
You have to go to work on your birthday. Do you prefer it this way?
I like it this way, so yeah. Acting is my passion. I’d rather spend my birthday doing something I enjoy. I’ve never been the type to host elaborate gatherings. My ideal birthday celebration would be a low-key, family-only affair if I’m not working.
Other than that, how are you planning on celebrating your birthday?
I’m celebrating my special day with my buddies from The Citadel. They’re like family to me, and I adore them. On my special day, I can tell that I am surrounded by loved ones. We’re in a great spot right now. We are doing some really cool film right now. I believe this is the optimal method of celebration.
Reminisce about the birthday cakes, balloons, and celebrations you attended as a kid.
My older brothers are both men. There was a lot of cake when I was a kid. We were perpetual cake-fighters. My older brothers and I used to have birthday cake fights.
These past two years have not been without difficulty. How have you dealt with all the terrifying obstacles?
No, I’m good. I’ve reached a turning point in my life when things can only improve (he chuckles merrily). You’re right that there have been some terrifying setbacks. Then I conclude that the only way to go is… up!
You have a huge fan base, but some of them are always trying to bring you down. How do you keep from being affected by the vitiated parts?
I know I am fortunate to have so many people rooting for me. As a result, I have their adoration. The animosity seems to be an inevitable byproduct. Love alone isn’t enough. We can’t have roses without thorns. There are those who will always find something to criticise in anything I do. It’s inevitable in a field as public as mine. By deciding to pursue a career in acting, I am essentially signing my life away to people who will either adore me or detest me equally.
Your career can take you to either Hyderabad or Mumbai. How often do you unpack your bags?
Having such wonderful coworkers is a huge blessing. Thanks to God, my sphere of influence and potential opportunities have expanded. The standard of the job being provided to me is excellent. My job is rewarding, therefore I look forward to it every day. The types of roles I’m getting now are stretching me in new ways. I find that quite satisfying. I thrive on difficulty. I’m easily bored. Every day, I face new and difficult obstacles. It’s a nice spot to call home. Both Citadel and Kushi have me eagerly awaiting their debuts.
In what ways do you plan to harmonise the various political work cultures?
I tend to go where the story and the characters take me. These two factors alone should enough as pickers, in my opinion. The language barrier has been broken. Recent events have made me even more selective in the projects I accept. Only a handful of initiatives will get my attention. I’m going to take things much more slowly than before.
Despite your disappointment in romantic relationships, would you consider dating again in the future?
I don’t want to have a bad attitude or be a pessimist. The inevitable will occur. No one, in my opinion, can alter their fate. The events in my life were completely out of my hands. That’s why I can’t give a firm “no” (to love). What will be, will be.
What would you say to the young women who look up to you?
The time spent caring about other people is time wasted. Find out who you really are and then be that person in the world. That is what I suggest.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu
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