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Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan was recently asked by Shehnaaz Gill about her future marital plans

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan recently discussed her upcoming nuptials in an interview with Shehnaaz Gill. In addition, the star admitted that she has no plans to settle down anytime soon.
Shehnaaz Gill, in an interview with Sara to promote her new feature “Gaslight,” inquired as to the actress’s future marital plans. The actress was stumped by the queries, but managed to mumble something about wanting to marry a “andha pagal.”
Sara elaborated by saying that there is a possibility he will flee if he learns her true identity. Shehnaaz concurred that males have a tough time dealing with women like them. The host then wonders if Sara is weeping because of her sudden outburst of emotion. Sara continued by saying that she wants to get married but is in no rush to do so.
Sara discussed her “royal upbringing” in the same conversation. Sara responded with a hearty chuckle when she was asked if Nawab palaces had dozens of servants and a pool with flowers. The actress continued by saying that she is a “fool” because she is not afforded such privileges despite being a member of a royal family.
Chitrangada Singh and Vikrant Massey also have roles in Gaslight.

Sara Ali Khan
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