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Sara Khan

Sara Khan, in an interview for International Women’s Day, said, “My father didn’t exactly welcome me at birth, but today he is proud of me.”

Sara Khan

Sara Khan

Sara Khan defied the odds to build a successful career in television, film, and the Internet. She has faced sexism and discrimination throughout her journey, but she has never let it slow her down. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, she gave an interview to ETimes in which she addressed the many challenges faced by women in the workplace and beyond, including the entertainment industry.
Specifically, what is it that you have accomplished as a woman of which you are most proud?
We need to stop making such a big deal about women and start treating them the same way we do men. A safe and supportive space is important for people of both sexes.
What are the most critical components of a home or workplace that can ensure the safety and well-being of women?
Providing people with the right to express themselves freely removes barriers based on ethnicity, religion, and other such factors, allowing them to pursue their passions without restriction.
Exactly what do you make of the right to say whatever you want?
Since my family and I are no longer confined to a tiny village, the freedom to share our story was deeply rewarding. My good name is something I worked hard to achieve.
How can we change the way people view feminism?
We need to stop treating ourselves as second-rate, stop women from fighting each other, and stop discussing whether or not other women should remain single. As women, we have nothing to gain and a lot to lose by continuing to be antagonistic towards one another. Women need to encourage one another to reach their full potential as women.

Sara Khan
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