second-hand Brit accent
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second-hand Brit accent

Speaking Hindi with a “second-hand Brit accent,” Kangana finds this irritating

second-hand Brit accent

second-hand Brit accent

Kangana Ranaut, an outspoken Bollywood actress, has said that she finds it annoying when young people who speak English use a fake British dialect when speaking Hindi.
Kangana responded to a user’s message on social media platform Twitter. The user posted a link to a story discussing a bill introduced in Italy’s parliament to outlaw the use of English and other foreign languages in official settings.
“Hate me but we need to do the same,” the user wrote. “Kids in Gurugram only speak in English, but they only barely understand Hindi, and forget about speaking Hindi.”
Kangana reposted the message and added her thoughts on the matter.
I expect to be trolled for this, but I really can’t stand it when young Indians with an obvious second-hand British accent talk Hindi in front of their English-speaking peers. Kids who can talk Hindi or Sanskrit fluently and have a genuine “desi” accent are “top tier,” she wrote.
On the professional front, Kangana’s production of “Chandramukhi 2” has recently concluded. She is also planning to watch “The Incarnation: Sita,” “Emergency,” “Tejas,” and “Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda.”


second-hand Brit accent
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