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Shakeel Badayuni

Shakeel Badayuni’s best-known lyrics will always be remembered for their immortality: Throwback

Shakeel Badayuni

Shakeel Badayuni

Na Milta Gham Toh Barbaadi Ke Afsane Kahan Jaate/Agar Duniya Chaman Hoti Toh Veerane Kahan Jaate… by Shakeel Badayuni was Lata Mangeshkar’s favourite lyric, she said when asked about it.
This movie song has endured as a timeless classic for all the right reasons. Many of Shakeel Badayuni’s greatest hits were sung by Lataji. The legendary Naushad wrote the majority of them. Naushad and Shakeel Badayuni had a very productive friendship. The classic scores of Mughal-e-Azam, Amar, and Baiju Bawra were all written by the same team.
Baiju Bawra’s “Mann Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj” was beautifully sung by Mohd Rafi. It was composed by a Muslim (Naushad) and penned by a Muslim (Shakeel Badayuni). Producers feared that Shakeel would not do credit to the film’s various Bhajans, so they sought out Kavi Pradeep to pen the lyrics. Naushad insisted on working with his close confidant.
Mann Tarpat Hari Darshan Ko Aaj, Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwale is just one of the many examples of Shakeel Badayuni’s Baiju Bawra’s devotional masterpieces. Both are considered to be Mohammed Rafi’s all-time greatest hits.
Every song that Shakeel composed for Mughal-e-Azam has gone down in indelible musical history. The amazing Mohe Panghat Pe Nandlaal Ched Gayo Re. Muslims devised, wrote, and had Madhubala perform a song about Krishna worship.
The work that Shakeel and Naushad did together was definitely amar. But his friendship with composer Ravi Sharma was just as fruitful. Songs like “Badle Badle Mere Sarkaar Nazar Aate Hain” and “Raha Gardishon Mein Hardam” from “Naseeb Mein Jiske Jo Likha Tha” and “Lo Aa Gayee Unki Yaad” from “Gharana” and “Husn Wale Tera Jawaab Nahin” from “Chaudhvin Ka Chand” are classics.
For his work on the songs “Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho” (the film’s title song), “Husn Wale Tera Jawaab Nahin” (from the film Gharana), and “Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil” (from the film Bees Saal Baad), Shakeel Badayuni was honoured with three Filmfare Awards.
The song Kahin Deep Jale held a particular place in Lataji’s heart and in her career. Her voice had gone silent for a time in the 1960s. After being bedridden for three months, during which time her physicians expressed concern that she would never sing again, Lataji made her recording studio return with the song Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil.
Shakeel Badayuni’s polished words shine like deeya, illuminating even the darkest of our nights. Na milta Shakeel, tu mohabbat ke afsaane kahan jaate? is a paraphrase of his most famous line.

Shakeel Badayuni
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