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Shannon K.

Exclusive: Shannon K. says actor and human being Irrfan sir was the most selfless person she’s ever met

Shannon K.

Shannon K.

Music runs through her veins! A huge fan base has developed over the years for Indian-American singer Shannon K, who is the daughter of the legendary Bollywood vocalist Kumar Sanu. She’s decided to make a career change and give Bollywood a shot. Shannon K made her Bollywood debut, and ETimes was the first to report it. To learn more about her debut film “Chal Zindagi,” which also stars Sanjay Mishra, Mita Vashist, and Vivek Dahiya, we contacted the Gen-Z sensation once again.
Shannon K is overjoyed about making her Bollywood debut because she has wanted to act in films ever since she was a little girl. For the young vocalist, starring in the upcoming film “Chal Zindagi” is the realisation of a lifelong goal. She says, “Bollywood is really important to me. I’ve worked on a film in Hollywood but never dreamed I’d get the chance to star in a Bollywood production. I was living in Los Angeles when filmmaker Vivek Sharma requested me to submit an audition tape because he needed a young American lady to star in his film.
Shannon K and Vivek Sharma have collaborated before. “Vivek has seen my work because we previously collaborated on one of my music videos. She says, “He liked the audition, and I was on board.”
Shannon has not only signed on as an actor, but also as a singer for the film. She will also perform a duet with her father, Kumar Sanu, on a song for the film. As if that weren’t enough, she continues, “The director not only offered me the role but also asked me to sing all the songs in the movie.”

Unlike many singers, Shannon K has put in the extra work to perfect her skill by enrolling in acting classes. I went to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. She reveals, “I’ve studied everything from method acting to comedy to camera angles to improv.
Shannon K., Kumar Sanu’s daughter, says she experienced despair and self-harm as a result of internet harassment.
The singer-turned-actress credits Bollywood legends Anupam Kher and the late Irrfan Khan as major influences on her career. A desire to collaborate with the late actor Irrfan is also mentioned. A dream of mine was to collaborate with Irrfan sir. When we talked on the phone once, he was really supportive. As an actor and a person, he was without peer in my experience. Despite the fact that Shannon will never get the chance to work with him, the man will always serve as an inspiration for her.
Shannon was fortunate in that she had the opportunity to meet another idol, Anupam Kher, even though her ambition of working with Irrfan was dashed. “I have met Anupam Kher in LA, and he’s an amazing person as well as a great actor,” she says enthusiastically.
In addition to Sanjay Mishra, Mita Vashisht, and the debuting Vivek Dahiya, Shannon K will also appear in the film. “Working with Sanjay Mishra and Mita Vashisht was certainly a learning experience as they have not just been in commercial movies but started their careers as theatre actors too,” says Shannon, reflecting on her time spent in the company of a cast that included both seasoned actors and fresh faces. As a result, they are replete with acting expertise. They were a pleasure to deal with, as was the rest of the team. There’s a lot we can pick up from them.””Since it was my first time filming a Bollywood movie, I was kind of nervous as there is a slight difference between acting in the West and East, but I had fun learning on the job,” an excited and nervous Shannon signed off with a smile. The movie “Chal Zindagi” will premiere this month.

Shannon K.
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