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Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill claims that Salman Khan’s stage persona is accurate to his true personality

Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill, who shot to popularity on “Bigg Boss 13” and is currently making waves for her role in the actor Salman Khan movie “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan,” recently opened up about her time on set with Khan.
In her Sunday press conference, the actress discussed the differences between the Hindi film industry and the Punjabi film industry, as well as the career guidance she received from Salman.
Shehnaaz found the Bollywood industry to be very different from the Punjabi sector.
She remarked, “These are studio productions. The large budgets used to produce most Bollywood movies are evident in their massive sets. I’m crossing my fingers that the Punjabi cinema industry expands and matures at the same rate.
Shehnaaz claimed, “Salman is exactly the same in real life as he is on the ‘Bigg Boss’ stage.” There seems to be no change in him. He inspires and advises others well. He put me in my place and told me to get back to work. I’m trying to master Hindi in the same way.
She went on to describe how much she and Salman had enjoyed their time shooting together. We had delicious meals there at both lunch and dinner.
Shehnaaz replied, “I want to focus on my career and nothing else.” when asked about her professional goals. I feel so much love and support from the press and the public that I want to devote my entire existence to my profession.
“I don’t think forward. Simply said, it never does the trick. Get with the programme.
The actress has stated that she will continue to develop her acting abilities and accept any opportunities that come her way.
If she can lose weight, she will be able to achieve anything, and she promised to do her best.
Shehnaaz was also asked about Salman allegedly forbidding actresses from wearing revealing clothes, but she declined to answer the subject, saying instead, “Nothing like that, I wore a very sexy dress during the promotion.”
“Salman sir keeps motivating me and saying you will grow in your career,” she said.

Shehnaaz Gill
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