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Singham Again

Kareena Kapoor plays the female lead opposite Ajay Devgn in “Singham Again,” and Deepika Padukone makes a cameo appearance in the film’s conclusion

Singham Again

Singham Again

Despite what you may have read, Rohit Shetty’s “Singham Again” is not a retread of his previous entries in the Singham franchise, nor is it a love story between Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. According to rumours, Deepika’s role is minimal. Kareena Kapoor plays the lead female role.
“Deepika appears only towards the climax of the film (as a cop),” an insider revealed to ETimes. Kareena Kapoor plays the female lead opposite Ajay Devgn.
What both women are up to has so been revealed. Keep in mind that ETimes was the FIRST to publish this information. But Rohit Shetty was still MIA, so we can’t ask him anything.
Kareena has been in previous Singham films, thus this won’t be her first appearance. Her role as Avni Kamat in ‘Singham Returns’ is described here for the benefit of those who arrived to the party late.
Rohit Shetty announced Deepika Padukone’s inclusion in the cast as a police officer during the marketing of his film ‘Cirkus’ (2022), which starred Ranveer Singh and Pooja Hegde.
Preparations  will begin in August 2023, with a 2024 Independence Day release date in mind.

Singham Again
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