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Sniper Killer

From the makers of Bloodwash comes the lo-fi horror flick Sniper Killer

Sniper Killer

Sniper Killer

What the heck is that?
Sniper Killer, developed by Bloodwash’s Black Eyed Priest and Henry Hoare, will be released by Torture Star Video. The PC version of the horror game will become available in 2023.

In Sniper Killer, you play both the sharpshooter of the same name and a detective out to bring them down. Detective Comardy is investigating the murders in an effort to put an end to them, while the sniper’s only purpose appears to be to stuff high-caliber food into the mouths of unsuspecting victims. The contents lead me to believe that the detective is a burned-out shell of his former self; a situation with which I am all too familiar.
Night at the Gates of Hell was the duo’s final game, and it was a fun, cheesy zombie shooter. As I said in my review, “It gives the strong impression that the developer had as much fun creating it as you will have playing it,” and I still believe that to be true.


However, Bloodwash was a more deliberate slasher game. Because most of the game takes place while you wait for your laundry to finish, I thought it was very creative. You could just wait around if you wanted to. However, learning about the killings while you explore the shopping centre was much more entertaining.

After a few years of iteration, playing the role of the victim in lo-fi short horror films runs the risk of becoming tiresome. Still, I think it would be great fun to try to figure out what happened while playing both roles.

In 2023, PC players can expect to play Sniper Killer.

Sniper Killer
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