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social media debut

Zeenat Aman reveals social media debut is not part of a comeback plan

Zeenat Aman

social media debut

Older stars choose to live a much more private life than their younger counterparts, who have taken to social media to update us almost daily on their workouts, looks, holidays, and even diet. Zeenat Aman, a former actress, celebrity, and beauty queen, made her Instagram debut recently, which caught many people off guard.
She’s been an Instagram addict ever since, and she’s not shy about sharing her thoughts and feelings there. Both her private life and her opinions on current events will be discussed.
On Instagram, she currently has over 35,000 devoted fans. Only a few hours after posting, her update has already amassed 10,500 likes.
Wow, that was fast! She’s wearing a plain white t-shirt and regular blue jeans in the home photo she admittedly snapped herself. She has a very refined and endearing appearance. She says her sudden openness on Instagram has fueled rumours about her possible return to the big screen, despite the fact that she is “notoriously private.”
While she doesn’t completely discount the idea, she also doesn’t fully embrace it, either. She says her sons have been teaching her internet slang and how to use emojis like the “thirst trap” correctly.

social media debut
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