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Sohail Ahmad’s ‘Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne’ Is Giving Us

Sohail Ahmad’s ‘Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne’ Is Giving Us Reason to Be Proud.

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Imagine seeing the names of two Pakistanis in an international film; how would that make you feel? One (the great Sohail Ahmad) enchanted with his performance, and another (the executive producer, Hammad Chaudhry) showed off his wizardry. The Pakistani-Canadian film Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne successfully mixes comedy and heart. The movie will have us in fits of laughter one minute and deep thought about an issue society has ignored the next.Starting out living in a basement and in debt from their failed attempt to get wealthy, Jaggi (Diljit Dosanjh) and his two buddies strive to find a way out of their predicament.

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They take a diversion to an old folks’ home and end up adopting a lonely old man. After learning of Preet’s (Sargun Mehta) deteriorating condition, Jaggi adopts Iqbal (Sohail Ahmed) so that he can claim the insurance benefits in Preet’s name alone upon his death. Under Jaggi and his friends’ care, however, Iqbal’s health actually improves rather than worsens. This annoys the three of them, so they come up with a plan to get rich soon.Naresh Kathooria’s (the film’s writer) writing is funny on its own, but Diljit Dosanjh adds the serious (pun intended) punch that makes the situation humorous. Diljit’s sense of humour has matured alongside his musical sensibilities.

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This isn’t your conventional romantic comedy; instead, it rides on the strength of Diljit’s shoulders to become a sophisticated comedy that will keep you laughing without resorting to cheap laughs.Audiences will agree with the critics that Sohail Ahmad is the show-stopper, notwithstanding Diljit’s impressive acting chops. At one point in the movie, he becomes more important than any other character. Sohail’s dead-on reactions and fantastic fills for the comedic parts have everyone in stitches.

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While the film’s first act dabbled in some tired comic tropes, the film’s second act is surprisingly original, even when compared to the best Punjabi comedies. One way in which this comedy differs from others is in its use of a group of elderly people to set up the film’s finale. You’ll fall in love with the elderly and their newfound gothic style as they assume an Expendables persona and rob the crown from the queen to save Jaggi’s fictional sinking JJ shipping company. While Gurpreet Bhangu is the most well-known, others, such as Sohial Ahmed with his unique brand of ancient Punjabi comedy, are just as deserving of recognition.

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Amarjit Singh does a fine job at the helm, and the film’s editing and storyline are both tight. Sargun may not have a huge part in the film, but she gives her portrayal of a kind doctor real depth.The music is enjoyable on its own, but it does little to further the plot, therefore it is a letdown. The film industry needs to stop using generic song titles and instead invest on songs written specifically for Punjabi films.


Sohail Ahmad’s ‘Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne’ Is Giving Us
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