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Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor discusses accepting her body after giving birth, saying that she is “still breastfeeding” and so in no rush to return to work

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

In August of last year, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja welcomed a son into the world. Vayu Kapoor Ahuja was given the job. Sonam quickly returned to her fashionable self within three months of giving birth to Vayu, winning over many fans in the process. However, the actress has no plans to return to the movie industry anytime soon. This is why!
In a recent interview, the actress claimed she is determined to maintain her sense of self-worth at any costs. She doesn’t want to return from a shoot feeling like she doesn’t fit into anything because she sent her measurements in advance. Trying to fit into the same moulds one did five or 10 years ago can be devastating to one’s sense of self-worth.
Sonam further disclosed that she is still breast-feeding and plans to do so for at least another year, which is why her physique is not back to how it was before. In order to keep going, a mother needs fuel in the form of food, sleep, and energy. That’s why Sonam doesn’t follow any kind of extreme diet. She has maintained her exercise regimen throughout her pregnancy and into her postpartum period. The actress insists that she has not checked her weight since before her pregnancy because she is still taking care of herself.
Sonam isn’t worried about getting older or gaining weight, although she does occasionally come across videos online that aren’t quite attractive. She often worries if she truly appears that way in the videos. Sonam isn’t afraid of anything, but seeing certain movies makes her feel uncomfortable.
Sonam’s next film is “Blind,” which she filmed before she became pregnant. The first official image from the film, which features her in a police officer role, was released not too long ago. Shome Makhija is in charge of directing this movie.

Sonam Kapoor
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