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How Square Enix Approached Accessibility In Final Fantasy 16

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Last week, I got to preview Final Fantasy XVI and play it for about two hours before its official release. The developer’s approach to accessibility in Final Fantasy XVI was one of many topics I learned about in preparation for the game’s release on PlayStation 5 this summer.

There are no tiers of difficulty available. Instead, there is a mode that focuses on the story, and another that focuses on the action. If you want to take it easy, go with the story mode; otherwise, it looks like the action mode is the default. And in each of these modes, there are unique add-ons that can be used to adjust the combat difficulty. Although I only had access to five, the ease with which I could switch them out and the positive impact they had on my in-game combat actions made me wish there were more. It accomplishes its goal in a snap and can be understood by anyone.
These are the five extras I mentioned earlier.
Focusing Timepiece: When you’re wearing this, the moment before you take damage from an opponent seems to drag on forever. There will be a timer on the screen that will deplete around the R1 button prompt. It’s much simpler to avoid enemy attacks by pressing R1, which is the dodge button.
In a time of need, the Ring of Timely Aid will be there Clive’s new companion is a dog named Torgal (yes, you can pet Torgal). Torgal’s attacks can be chosen at will, but when you equip this ring, he will strike on his own.
The combat in Final Fantasy XV is based on the concept of “combos,” or chains of attacks that you can chain together to deal massive damage. If Clive is wearing this ring, then pressing Square will trigger the appropriate combos without any input from the player. With this feature, you can accomplish entire fight sequences with the push of a single button.

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