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Strayed Light

The trial for Strayed Light is a gloomy preview of the full game

Strayed Light

Strayed Light

When it comes to Strayed Lights, I’m at a loss for words. Very impressive aesthetically. It reminds me of Journey from 2012 or Ori and the Blind Forest from 2015. Both are excellent sources of motivation. Embers, a French studio, designed it as their debut game.

I doubt I have the patience to spend that much time dancing around the issue. The sample of Strayed Lights has left me feeling very unimpressed. I should emphasize that my time with the game is extremely limited; I’ve put in at most 45 minutes. Nonetheless, I wasn’t particularly interested in Strayed Lights at the moment. Beyond that, its fundamental architecture is rather uninteresting. Although there is hope that things will improve, I am not currently feeling hopeful.
You’re kind of like the spotlight guy. You enter the world as a light infant, but eventually mature into a light young man. The war against the hostile lights begins there. There’s a whiff of wrongdoing in the air, but the entire story is told through action and not words. That’s fantastic, by the way! But I still need to know my purpose here. There is almost no indication of the scope of the situation or your motivations. As time goes on, I’m sure it will all make sense, but in the outset, you usually need some bait to set the hook.

Strayed Lights, to its credit, has a very high quality visual design. It’s not just that there are a lot of elaborate effects and polygons; it also has a lot of nuanced motion. High-contrast graphics complement the expressive animation, which features a lot of flapping leaves and swaying fur.

The demo’s setting is rather bland, but subsequent previews feature more visually appealing locations. Again, I have the feeling that my limited experience doesn’t do the game justice.

Strayed Light
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