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Street Fighter 6

Fans of Street Fighter 6 all said, “D’awww,” when they saw Cammy with her kitty

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

Is there going to be a showdown between Lili and Salt?
Fans from all walks of life seemed to take a break from all the smack talkin’ and hitboxin’ controversy surrounding Street Fighter 6 yesterday and fall in love with Delta Red agent Cammy White and, in particular, her new cat pal. Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for release in June from Capcom.

Since her introduction in 1994’s Super Street Fighter II, Cammy has been shown to have a soft spot for kitties. In Street Fighter 6, she takes her affection for feline friends to the next level by bringing along a cat she has yet to give a name to.
My latest playthrough of a complete build of SF6 revealed, however, that Cammy’s cat has begun to interrupting her shining moments by rushing onto the battlefield in the middle of battle to brush up to her and Demand Pets. Although Cammy typically maintains her trademark stoicism under pressure, there are times when she stoops to pet Mr. Mittens (not Capcom’s) stuffed fox before regaining her deadly composure for the next round.

The video has gone viral, with even Cammy’s voice actress, Caitlin Glass, gushing over Street Fighter’s new canine sensation. Cammy and her ally may soon find themselves pitted against Tekken’s Lili and her new kitten, Salt. Why not include Blue Mary, the cat-loving protagonist from King of Fighters? This is why fighting games like Capcom vs. SNK vs. Tekken are so important. A Meow Mix of the purest kind.

On June 2, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One users may get their hands on Street Fighter 6. If you have a moment, I hope you’ll check out my sneak peek at the final product. An analysis of JP, the scary cyber dictator. Here are fifty of my favourite beta features, as well as ten character ideas for downloadable content.
Roomba will help you clean the floor.
Since its debut a year ago, I’ve had numerous opportunities to play Street Fighter 6. I first saw the awesome-looking sequel in 2022 at the VS Fighting competition in Birmingham and then again at EGX London. As has been widely documented, both beta tests left me in a rather elated feeling after having participated in them.

I was fortunate enough to be shown what was essentially the final version of SF6 at Capcom’s UK headquarters around a fortnight ago. My excitement for this scrapper has reached an all-time high at the end of my brief time with the full game, and it makes me twitch my eyes and scratch my head. Or maybe that’s simply the summer pollen getting in the way. Who can say?

Street Fighter 6
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